1. Examples of Policemen from Dezhou City, Shandong Province Showing Conscience

Two policemen from State Protection Squad went to the detention center to interrogate a Dafa practitioner who had been illegally detained. After a little while, policeman A went outside for a smoke. Policeman B peeped in the doorway and whispered to the practitioner, "Don't say anything. The more you say, the more trouble you'll have."

(2) One practitioner was sent to the detention center after he was kidnapped by authorities. The policeman of the detention center sent the practitioner to the cell room and said to the criminals in the room, "This is one of my friends. Don't dare touch him."

(3) At the end of 2000, one senior Dafa practitioner was illegally detained at the Dezhou police station while he waited on his appeal at Beijing. Several policemen roared at him one after another. A senior policeman stopped them from harassing him, "This man is already old. What are you doing?!"

(4) Late in the day, a practitioner from the countryside was kidnapped by police. They took the practitioner to the Dezhou police station, which was ten miles away. One policeman took from his own wallet the equivalent of ten dollars and gave it to the practitioner. He said, "Go get yourself some supper."

2. Examples of People Learning and Acting Upon The Truth

(1) An Owner of a Store in a City in Shandong Province Quit the CCP After Learning the Truth of Falun Dafa:

This example began when a Dafa practitioner-employee asked his store owner, "There is a book which is very popular these days. Have you read it?" The owner asked, "Which book?" The practitioner answered, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The owner didn't say anything.

Several days later, the owner found the practitioner and said, "Quickly bring me the book that you mentioned the last time we talked. Ah, all the leaders in the city are reading it. They say that this book is very well written! What is said in the book is so right!"

(2) Another Business Owner Quit the CCP After Learning the Truth of Falun Dafa. He Also Promoted a Practitioner-Employee to Department Manager

This example started at an end-of-the-year summary meeting. A practitioner uprightly said to everyone at the meeting, "Everyone knows that there are many temptations to take things or money in the Supply Department. Every day I run across such corruption--it shakes my heart. I practice Falun Gong, otherwise I, too, would surely earn a little bit of extra money. But Falun Gong practitioners will not do such a thing. We ask ourselves to be good people no matter what the temptation."

(3) County Official Convinces His Entire Family to Quit CCP.

This example began only weeks ago when a practitioner was quietly distributing DVDs of the Shen Yun performance. This official saw the practitioner and said, "Quickly give me some DVDs, and I will help you distribute them." I then gave him six. He said, "Not enough.!" I asked him, "Why do you need so many? All of these were made with the money that was earned and saved by practitioners who had to sacrifice--even eating less. You need to distribute them."

He smiled and said, "Don't worry. Many people in our work place are looking for Shen Yun DVDs. I will definitely complete the mission; let Master Li be assured."

July 26, 2009