(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Peng Jinping is a private business operator in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. She was arrested on Xudong Road by officers from Bureau One of Guiyang City Police Department and Yunyan District Police Department, who had been following her. She was then sentenced to 13 years and taken to Yang'ai Women's Prison.

Ms. Peng, born in1956, operated a clothing shop. She used to have hepatitis B, but recovered after she began cultivating in Falun Dafa. After she was imprisoned, she lost weight, became skinny, and frequently was very sick. Prolonged mental torture caused her to lose her mental alertness.

Seven practitioners were arrested at the same time in November 2001. They included Zhao Echuan, Wei Lizhu, Mei Guinan, Xu Pengyao, and Mo Qi, who was arrested later. Because each of their houses had large amounts of DVDs and truth-clarification materials, their cases were regarded as top priority by the Chinese Communist Party personnel in Guizhou Province. The practitioners were given heavy prison sentences of 11-15 years each.

In Ward III of Yang'ai Prison, Ms. Peng was forced to forced labor. She had to clean the restrooms, including those outside of the workshop. The guard assigned two inmates (one named Peng Fangfang was especially brutal and rough) to watch her around the clock. She needed the permission of the two inmates to have meals, sleep, buy things, get boiled water, take a shower, and wash her clothes. If they were in a bad mood, her life become miserable.

In 2003, she was beaten by the two inmates because she insisted on doing the Falun Dafa exercises. Her cries of pain from the beating were heard through the night. Since she was forbidden to do the exercises, she yelled "Falun Dafa is good" instead. The guards ordered the two inmates to tape her mouth shut with multiple layers of tape to quiet her, which made it hard for her to breathe. When the inmates pulled the tape off, they intentionally pulled a patch of hair off of her head. With the support of the guards, the two inmates assigned to watch her also persecuted her financially. They controlled all the money she got from her family to buy food and sundries. Once they were upset and knocked all her food on the ground when she forgot to call them to lunch.

To force her to give up her belief in Dafa, the guards played games. For example, they only allowed her two minutes for each restroom visit. If she did not come out in two minutes, they would throw a plastic chair at her head.

Once she met a fellow practitioner. When she pressed her hands together in front to greet her, Bai Ju, the Captain of Supply in Ward III, saw her. Bai Ju called the two inmates assigned to watch Ms. Peng to have a talk. Afterwards, the inmates verbally abused and threatened her while making gestures: "If you ever talk, say hello, show any facial expression, or make any gesture again toward her (the fellow practitioner), we will beat you to death. "

Once, just after she had finished cleaning the bathrooms, Bai Ju ordered her to move a pile of bricks. She collapsed and fell next to a car. Bai ordered the inmates watching her to pull her up and force her to stand even though she was close to passing out.

Since the guards always cover up any news, the above few examples are only a partial account of the persecution Ms. Peng has endured in Ward III of Yang'ai Prison. Sometimes the guards would pretend to be nice and ask, "Did they (the inmates assigned to watch you) harass you or hit you?" If she answered yes, then the inmates would torture her even harder. The guards would then have appeared to be nice while accomplishing their goal of persecuting practitioners and not having to take any responsibility.

In 2004, Yang'ai Prison moved all practitioners to Building IV (now called Ward IV). Cells in the first floor were for the new inmates, while on the other floors it was arranged that each cell housed one practitioner and two to four inmates assigned to watch her.

Ms. Peng was moved to Building IV in the beginning of 2005. At first she and the assigned inmates each watered the plants outside with a small bucket and went to get their own meals from the cafeteria. But soon she was confined to her cell, where she had to take her meals and use the toilet. She never saw the sunshine, and the only people she could see all day were the inmates assigned to watch her. This type of mental torture is still going on today.

To make the inmates assigned to watch practitioners do their best to persecute them, the guards often gathered them to watch videos and other materials that slandered Falun Dafa and built up their hatred against it. In the meantime, the guards reminded them not to strike practitioners so that the guards themselves would not be held responsible, while at the same, the inmates' qualifications for parole were tied to how brutally they treated practitioners. So when practitioners did the exercises or did not follow orders, the inmates would, to protect their own interests, hit them or apply other tricks to torture them. As a result, practitioners' cries from being beaten were often heard and practitioners being pulled away halfway through using the bathroom was common.

To force practitioners to give up their belief, the guards would urge their spouses to threaten to divorce them.

These accounts of persecution are hardly known to the outside world. Even the guards and inmates in the other wards think that practitioners are treated nicely. Guards in Ward IV often organize festive-sounding activities. At night when it is quiet outside, the sounds of singing and music are heard far away. However, many practitioners are tortured and persecuted here, including Yang Hongyan and Wei Yalan, who were tortured to death.

Since Ms. Peng's arrest, her 20-year-old son has been badly traumatized. He is quiet all day long and does not want to talk to anyone. Her family has suffered both financially and psychologically.

Yang'ai Women's Prison in Guizhou Province:
Warden Wang Hong (female)
Deputy Warden Song Jianhua
Warden of Ward IV Xiao Yinhui: 86-13608517561 (Cell)