Since August 2008, more than ten Dafa practitioners have been illegally arrested by police in Nanning City, Guangxi Province. Currently, seven of the practitioners are still detained.

They have endured brutal torture, and were forced to perform arduous labor. They mainly worked on decorating shoes, which were later exported to European countries and North America. The factories which provided the detention center with raw materials are Ruitao Footwear Ltd Company and Guanbai Embroidery Factory.

Late in the evening of August 15, 2008 and in the early morning of August 16, 2008, policemen Huang Mengfei, Wei Hecheng, and deputy commander Chen from Qingxiu Domestic Security Division, Nanning City, broke into a private apartment located at 1 Xinfei Street, Nanning. They arrested Mo Hongming, Wang Jing, Tang Ning, Wei Yiheng, Huang Siqiang, Fan Ying, Lu Xinjing, along with a few others, and detained them in No. 1, 2, and 3 detention centers. The detained practitioners were forced to work. If they refused to do so, their hands would be cuffed and their feet would be shackled, and they wouldn't be allowed to use the toilet. If they couldn't finish their assignments, they would be forced to work into the night. They slept a maximum of three hours a day.

On the morning of March 8, 2009, the Qingxiu District Court in Nanning convened to hear the case of the seven arrested Dafa practitioners, including Mo Hongming and his wife, Fan Ying, Tang Ning, Wei Yiheng, Huang Siqiang and Shu Zhenghong. During this session, only two family members for each Dafa practitioner were allowed to hear the case, with the rest of the onlookers all from the Domestic Security Division and the 610 Office. The court didn't pass a judgment. The judge was Wu Jiang, and the secretary's last name was also Wu. There were two female jury members and the public prosecutor's name was Ning Yu. Six of the practitioners were denied the right to choose their own lawyers, and were assigned lawyers by the court, with the exception that one practitioner hired a lawyer. According to a source, it was the 610 Office that decided on the verdict and the sentence, leaving the court with no control at all.

Telephone and fax numbers for the related divisions in Nanning, Guangxi province.
Secretariat for Autonomous Regional Office of Legislative Affairs: 86-771-2808052, 86-771-2825410 (Fax)
Autonomous Regional Police Department Office of Public Information: 86-771-2892041, 86-771-2892031(Fax)
Autonomous Regional Discipline Commission Office: 86-771-5568075, 86-771-5551544 (Fax)
Nanning Police Department: 86-771-2891060
Qingxiu Police Department Precinct: 86-771-5888090
Superintendent of Nanning No. 1 Detention Center: Liu Shoude
Qingxiu Domestic Security Division: 86-771-5300209, 86-0771-5300130
Jianzheng Street Police Station: 86-771-5627331