(Clearwisdom.net) Five years ago, Ms. Jin would never have thought she could take a 13-hour plane ride to Washington D.C. to participate in Falun Gong practitioners' activities to oppose the persecution. She would never have thought she could live a normal life. She would not have thought she could even still be alive today after five years, because the doctor had already "sentenced" her to death.

Every normal person has 24 ribs. Ms. Jin only has 23. Her spine is incomplete, separated at the lower back level. She didn't realize she had a very rare disease that would happen to only one person among several hundred million. As her upper spine gradually slid down, her condition worsened. She became virtually paralyzed at age 40 and could no longer walk. She could only crawl on the floor instead of walking, and she could only crawl several minutes at a time.

From Refusing to Listen to the Truth to Looking for the Truth

Falun Gong practitioners told her that practicing Falun Gong might help her condition. That was not the first time Ms. Jin had heard about Falun Gong. Since her marriage to her Korean husband and coming to Korea she received Falun Gong truth-clarification materials several times. But since her mind was poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) lies, she had a negative opinion of Falun Gong. Prior to 2004, she always destroyed the materials she received, because she did not believe that the CCP could have staged the "Tiananmen Self-immolation" Incident. She did not believe the CCP actually committed the persecution crimes they were accused of.

But in her mind she always had doubts, "I thought, there are millions of people who say Falun Gong is good. This must be a secret. I did not initially believe in Falun Gong. But I wanted to know more about this secret. Why do people all over the world say Falun Gong is good, and yet the CCP says Falun Gong is bad? I have a righteous mind and have a basic conscience. I decided to do some research."

She collected news reports from over 30 media and surprisingly found that, "These reports all mentioned Falun Gong's principles are Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It can improve one's body and mind and has great benefits for society. This is the common theme of all these media reports."

She thought about the CCP's killings in different political movements, such as the Cultural Revolution and the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989. She gradually understood: "I felt I was deceived. From then on, I had my own opinions that are different from the CCP's. I decided to give myself an opportunity to explore on my own."

The Truth Changed Her

Ms. Jin started reading Zhuan Falun. To begin with, she did not think of improving her health via Falun Gong. "The research made me understand that the CCP completely deceived me. After practicing, I felt Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is worthy of fulfilling my soul's quest."

What surprised Ms. Jin and people around her was that she no longer was close to death but began living a normal person's life. "Prior to practicing, I had been bed-ridden, unable to take care of myself. I had to rely on others all the time. Twenty days after I read the book, and six days after I started practicing the exercises I was no longer in pain. I felt relief. Twenty-six days later I started living a normal life and had no problem walking or doing chores. A year later I started a new job."

Against all of her husband's expectations, Ms. Jin not only has become healthier physically, but also mentally. "In the past I always complained. But after I began the practice I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I am able to let go of my attachments and become more tolerant."

Prior to the practice Ms. Jin was self -centered, a mindset induced by the CCP's mind-poisoning tactics, and she maintained this mentality, even after her marriage. "In the past I believed the communist ideology. I had to be the one who controlled everything." She completely controlled the family's property and finances. "I thought that was the only way to control my husband. He had to listen to me." Her husband was unhappy about it, but he could not do anything because Ms. Jin threatened to divorce him and commit suicide.

Her Falun Gong practice made Ms. Jin realize that her past behavior was due to the CCP culture and was wrong. "I now know what compassion is, and how to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If I know what my husband or other people do is right, I can make a sacrifice and help them. If I know what they do is wrong, I will point it out kindly. I have fundamentally changed." Now, with a harmonious family, when Ms. Jin wants to do something, she always discusses it with her husband.

"My husband said, 'Your mind has totally changed. I can see fewer communist thoughts. What Master is so powerful that he has turned my wife into such a kind person? I have to thank this Master.'" Her husband has been very supportive of her practicing Falun Gong and participating in activities.

Ms. Jin's changes have impressed many people around her. Some even started practicing Falun Gong because of this. Many Chinese wives who know Ms. Jin like to ask for her input on things. Based on her own cultivation experiences, she has made recommendations to her friends to respect their husbands and families. This has helped resolve a lot of conflicts.

Spreading the Truth to Benefit More People

Because she was poisoned by the CCP's lies, Ms. Jin hopes more people will understand the truth about Falun Gong. That is why she came to Washington D.C. with other practitioners, "We have to expose the CCP's lies. They not only persecute the Chinese people, but also commit their crimes all over the world. Every person who still has a conscience should stand up to stop this persecution."

Ms. Jin's hope is this: "Falun Gong practitioners are all kind-hearted. What we tell is the truth. For the sake of non-practitioners, I hope the CCP's lies won't continue to deceive you and you can maintain your basic conscience and moral standards. Please, quit the CCP and do not follow the CCP."

Ms. Jin has gained a new life since beginning the practice. "I was someone who did not know the truth. Now I have eliminated the CCP's culture in my mind from the root. This is what I am most proud of. Falun Gong has led me to a new era and given me a new life. This is my greatest gain."