(Clearwisdom.net) The longer I cultivate, the more profound I feel the Fa is, and the smaller I feel I am. A Dafa disciple's cultivation process is one of maturing under Master's compassionate care and protection.

My wife and I began practicing Falun Dafa in March 1997. At that time, I came to the understanding that my thoughts came directly from hell. It is Master, with his boundless compassion and wisdom, who guides his disciples step by step, to walk from the level of ordinary human beings towards that of becoming a good person, then towards becoming a Dafa practitioner, and then a magnificent Dafa disciple. During the whole process, Master has given his all for disciples.

In 2001, after discussing it with several Dafa disciples, we quickly started to produce "truth-clarification" materials on a large scale.

During that year, because I was occupied with producing materials and neglected Fa study, I was arrested. The police kicked me and beat me, punching my face repeatedly. In the evening of my first day with the police, seven to eight of them surrounded me, holding all kinds of torture instruments. The torturous interrogation lasted until the early morning. Two parts of my arm were broken, and not a single piece of flesh on my body was left intact. My face was so swollen that my eyes, nose, and mouth were indistinguishable. My clothes were in shreds from my rolling around on the ground during the non-stop beatings. Whenever I passed out, the police would bring me around again. I was not sure how long I had been unconscious, but when I came to I felt extremely exhausted. I silently talked to Master in my heart, "Master, I am pushed to my limit. Please help." The police immediately stopped beating me after I had that thought.

During the whole process of interrogation, I did not feel even the slightest bit of pain. At that time my heart was as peaceful as still water, and I did not care about how badly I was hurt at all. The second day, I felt that my broken arm was as good as before, but when I touched something with that hand, I could feel that the bones were broken. I did not worry about it, and after only a few days, it was as good as new.

Later I realized that Master had paid back all the karma I owed from my past lives and tried to make me aware that I, a Dafa disciple, had already been given enormous power and was invulnerable. I also felt that I already had the power to shock and suppress the evil and was able to use my divine power.

Once, when I was taken into an interrogation room, seven to eight police officers surrounded me. They yelled at me and got up close to me. I was very calm from the bottom of my heart and recited quietly in my heart:

Dafa does not leave the body,
The heart harbors Zhen-Shan-Ren;
In the world is a great Arhat,
Spirits and ghosts fear greatly.

("Mighty Virtue" in "Hongyin")

Immediately after I recited this, the police just separated from each other and said, "Well, nothing can be done, nothing can be done. You can go."

At that time, I was already able to restrain the police from committing evil deeds, so I quickly rectified our environment in the prison for Fa study and exercises. Later, I was sent to take charge of the work in the supervision room. The supervision room was used to train new prisoners. It was during the time of "Striking Hard against Crime," and many people were being arrested and sent there every day. Dafa disciples from other prison cells and I took advantage of this opportunity to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. The compassionate and kind behavior of Dafa disciples deeply touched them. One after another, they indicated that they supported Faun Gong. Some of them even shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" One of the policemen said, "You have made this place a training class for Falun Gong." I replied, "This is a class to tell good from bad."I deeply felt that the salvation of sentient beings brings happiness to Dafa disciples.

Once, deep in the night, a young man covered me with a quilt. I woke up and looked at him. He said, "I just had a dream where Teacher Li asked me to cover you with the quilt. Teacher Li said, 'Dafa disciple is cold. Please cover him with the quilt.'" Tears coursed down my cheeks.

I was sentenced to three years in the labor camp. At that moment, I had a thought: No matter where I was, I would eliminate the evil and save sentient beings. During those three years, I was transferred to two different labor camps and three different teams. Each time I arrived at a new place, I would send forth righteous to eliminate the evil. The environment would gradually become better and better and a new Fa rectification environment would be established.

To those who were extremely evil, I would send forth righteous thoughts and set a time limit for retribution. A team leader was promoted from a regular policeman to a head team leader because he worked hard to persecute Dafa practitioners. After I was just transferred to his team, the police there reported me to the team leader because they saw that I was indomitable. The team leader yelled when he walked toward my cell, "Hang him up! Beat him to death."Once I saw him, I immediately sent out enormously strong righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the evil that was manipulating him. He suddenly became docile. He quickly asked me to sit down and asked whether I needed anything. At night, Master made me aware that when I sent forth righteous thoughts, Falun flew out and eliminated the evil. From then on, this team leader almost dared not directly face me. Even when he had to say a few words to me, his mouth would constantly shake.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts, Master allowed me to see the evil beings eliminated in other dimensions. Large numbers of deviated lives of all kinds were eliminated. Sending forth righteous thoughts is serious and important. Some evil lives are easy to eliminate. They look like small worms lining up in front of me to die. There are also some deviated lives from very high levels. I strike them down using the divine Buddha power given to me by Dafa.

During my cultivation, I have found that I have two ways of thinking concerning the Fa. One is to walk my path firmly according to Master's requirement; the other is to understand the Fa according to my deviated notions. I clearly know that the first way is my true self, and the latter, which must be eliminated, conforms to the arrangements of the old forces. Master has showed disciples the situation that may occur in the future in order for us to walk the correct path. Under the care and protection of our benevolent Master, I was able to walk out of the evil prison and continue to fulfill my vows.