(Clearwisdom.net) Master has explained to us the issue of jealousy seriously and clearly. I paid undivided attention to this early-on and worked hard to eliminate it, but so far I have not completely removed it. As Fa rectification cultivation progresses, Dafa disciples shoulder the mission of saving sentient beings, so it is even more important that we cultivate ourselves well. It does us no good to keep even a trace of this attachment, and it is an omission that should be completely eliminated.

I recently encountered a situation that made me see more clearly my attachment of jealousy. I have a colleague who is young and talented. He has good social skills and enjoys a good relationship with the boss, but he has little to say to me. His performance last year was excellent, and this year he is advancing ahead of me. I tried to have little concern and didn't want to think too much of it, but in fact this was already an omission, as I was covering up my real thoughts as well as being afraid of the attachment. We had a meeting with the boss today, and everyone shared his or her group's business plan. When I was listening to his, I felt ill at ease, and it was a sure sign of jealousy.

The mission of Dafa disciples is to save sentient beings, which is for the benefit of others. Why then did I feel badly when I saw others who were doing better than I was? Isn't this caused by selfishness? Dafa disciples are cultivators who take gain and loss lightly in the ordinary world and let go of everyday people's attachments. The Fa rectification has reached the final stage, and we have followed Master and cultivated to this stage, so shouldn't we let go of these attachments? It is time for all of us to be firm and steadfast to completely remove any attachment to jealousy.