(Clearwisdom.net) When a fellow practitioner gets trapped in a tribulation and does not have a breakthrough for a long time, we all provide help. One way is to suggest many ideas. The results are often of little use, although many suggestions are tried. In fact, what can really help a practitioner improve is Teacher's Fa. We should help that practitioner understand the Fa better, and guide him or her to look inward and eliminate everyday people's thinking. He or she can then walk out of the tribulation.

Here is an example from my area. Practitioner A's husband liked to buy lottery tickets. They were in great debt because of it. They often argued about the issue. And this went on for several years.

At the beginning, practitioners suggested many tactics, such as keeping an eye on their money, not allowing her husband to spend money, asking relatives not to lend her husband money, and sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate interference. All kinds of things were tried, but to no avail.

Later, practitioners helped her put more effort into studying the Fa and cultivating her Xinxing. She looked inward and found that when her husband bought lottery tickets, she was angry and would fight tit-for-tat. She realized that she had attachments to fighting and anger. She eliminated her attachments. In less than two weeks, her husband not only no longer cared about buying lottery tickets, but also joined cultivation and does the three things required by Teacher.

There are many similar examples. Practitioners in tribulation can walk out of contradictions and improve only after they study the Fa well, find and eliminate attachments by looking inward, and having righteous thoughts.

My experience is that when we help fellow practitioners, we are also cultivating and improving ourselves. We should not be moved by an ever-changing external appearance. As long as we study the Fa well and find and eliminate everyday people's thinking, Teacher will help us with everything.