Among the audience for the Shen Yun Performance at the Kennedy Center Opera House on the evening of August 26, 2009 was Vincent Mutonji, a computer specialist and consultant for the government. He mentioned that he very much liked Chinese culture and thought that the show was very good and interesting. He was also astonished by the singers and surprised by their great voices. The Tibetan dance was interesting to him and he thought it was wonderful, saying: "The Tibetan culture--I keep wondering about the political aspects of Tibet and China. The Tibetan dance is very good."

Mr. Mutonji felt he learned a lot by simply watching this show. He mentioned that he will definitely be back when the show returns in January.

Assistant Manager of an Apartment complex: I loved it all! Truly, I loved it all!

Vivian Vazquez is an assistant manager for an apartment complex, and accompanied Tony Torrez, a computer technician.

When Ms. Vazquez was asked to share her feelings about the show, she said enthusiastically: "We love it, we are amazed by it. The colors were awesome, the music--I mean the whole show was beautiful. And I know you have one in January; we are coming back to see it." She could not state which program was most impressive to her: "I loved it all! Truly, I loved it all!"

Vivian talked about the special message and inspiration she received from the show: "The Chinese culture, of course. You learn about that, I mean they are talking all about the different places in Chinese, the different cultures in China. Everywhere you go, it's a little bit different. The clothing is different. So, that was part of it."

This was her first show and she mentioned that she also likes Chinese movies and was a little familiar with the music, but had never heard anything like this and was really impressed.

Tony Torrez shared his feeling by saying: "I have to say exactly the same with what Vivian was saying. I really enjoyed the show, the dancing, the music, the colors, the special effects, I thought were really awesome. The effects, the choreography of the entire show is very nice.

Mr. Torrez's cultural background is Hispanic; he said that he is from Mexico.

When the reporter asked him whether he found any similarities to his own culture in the values conveyed through the program, he answered: "Yes, I did. I felt it was very similar. There was a lot of the hope and inspiration conveyed through the dance. That was very nice."