Name: He Yana (何亚娜)
Age: Unknown
Most recent place of detention: Tianjin City Drug Rehabilitation Center (天津市强制戒毒所)
Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 9, 2009
Abuse Suffered: Illegal detention, beating
City: Tianjin

( On March 9, 2009, practitioner Ms. He Yana in Dagang District, Tianjin City was arrested by the police from the Machang Police Station of the Hexi Police Department when she was reported by an informant while visiting friends in the Hexi district. Afterwards, she was jailed in the Tianjin City Drug Rehabilitation Center and is still being held there. Her family did not have money to pay the "fine." As a result, the police would not register her daughter as a resident, which in turn made her unable to go to school.

In the past five months, Ms. He and her family have suffered a great deal. Her mother suffered from throat cancer, and was unable to speak after the operation. She became inconsolable whenever she thought of her daughter who was being persecuted. Ms. He's father-in-law's health was not good either. He suffered from frequent asthma attacks. Because of the persecution in the past years, and to pay for the treatment costs for her mother and father-in-law, they have sold their house and have been renting. Ms. He's daughter reached school-age this year. Moving frequently, they missed their daughter's residency registration. According to Chinese regulations, one is required to have residency to be admitted to elementary school. The police of the local police department demanded ten to twenty thousand yuan for them to do a make-up residency registration, but where can Ms. He find the money? Her husband eventually gave up the idea of letting their daughter go to the school. All the poor child could do was to hope that her mother could come home soon and she could go to school.

The regulation in the rehabilitation center required each inmate to pay a "rehab fee" of 2,000 yuan, in order to be served with better meals. If they couldn't pay, then every meal would be only steamed buns and pickled vegetables. Many inmates had malnutrition because of insufficient food. To reduce Ms. He's suffering, her husband lived extremely thriftily in order to save money to pay for her "rehab fee."

The burdens of life made her husband appear older than he really was. To seek justice, He went to many government organizations and told them the facts about Falun Dafa. He went to Machang Police Station in the Hexi District in Tianjin City, and found deputy instructor He Jianhua and Officer Cha Luuning, and asked them for the evidence that they used to charge Ms. He. His request for them to punish the officers who beat people got no result, but he made it clear to the officers: "Ms. He was innocent and you guys falsified the charges against her. I demand her immediate release." The police would not give him a straight answer from then on, because they knew that they had done something wrong.

He then went to the rehabilitation center and told the police there that Ms. He had never used any drugs and that she was innocent. The supervisor pretended that he did not know anything and avoided him.

Responsible parties:
Machang Police Station of Hexi Police Department in Tianjin City
Chief: Luo Jun
Instructor: Ge Jianhua
Deputy chief: Zhang Po, Xing Quanli, Wu Shaohui, Yao Yufa, Zhou Jin

Tianjin City Drug Rehabilitation Center:
Director: Zhang Guangfu
Instructor: Chen Fang(female)
Deputy director: Ge Jian
Doctor: Wan Chunyang

August 12, 2009