Practitioner's Name: Xu Yiwen

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Most recent place of detention: Baishan Forced Labor Camp

Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 15, 2009

Address: Unknown

City: Linjiang City

Province: Jilin

It was said that around 5 a.m. on July 30, officers from the Domestic Security Division took Xu Yiwen to the Baishan Forced Labor Camp. So far, this report has not been verified. As Xu Yiwen's parents are Falun Gong practitioners, the high school she attended expelled her.

Family Persecuted for the Past Eight Years

On the night of July 20, 2001, officers came to the Xu Dongcheng home and demanded to be let in. The family refused to open the door. The officers broke the windows and climbed into the home. They illegally arrested Wang Shu'er and sentenced her to two years of forced labor. Xu Dongcheng became homeless to avoid being arrested. In the past, Xu Dongcheng was arrested and sentenced to serve time in the Baishan Forced Labor Camp.

In August 2002, when Xu Dongcheng was still homeless, he was followed by the Linjiang police. They arrested Xu Dongcheng and his daughter Xu Yiwen, ransacked their home, and confiscated his computer, TV and VCD player. Xu Yiwen was detained for ten days in the Linjiang Detention Center.

The officers detained Xu Dongcheng in a secret room in the Linjiang Police Station. They handcuffed him and hung him up until the second day when the officers returned to work. His hands had turned black-purplish, were swollen and the handcuffs had cut into the flesh. Although this was quite some time ago, Xu Dongcheng still feels extreme pain when his hands are touched.

Then Xu Dongcheng was taken to the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun and sentenced to three years of forced labor. He suffered brainwashing, was shocked with electric batons, beaten up, deprived of sleep or rest and forced into performing hard labor for no pay. Practitioners' suffer this type of mental and physical torture in the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp.

On October 17, 2006, officers' from the Sidaogou Township Police Station arrested Wang Shu'er when she was clarifying the facts about Falun Gong in Sidaogou Township in Linjiang City. Later, officers from the Linjiang Police Station ransacked the family's home. Then, Wang Shu'er was taken to the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp.

On the night of April 16, 2009, policemen broke into the home of Wang Shu'er's mother in Sangongli area in Linjiang City. They again arrested Xu Dongcheng, Wang Shu'er and Xu Yiwen who were taking care of their ill grandmother. They confiscated a computer and other items. They detained the family of three in the Linjiang Detention Center. Xu Yiwen was detained for fifteen days.

Phone numbers of persons responsible for the persecution of this family (area code 0439, zip code 134600)

Linjiang City Political and Judiciary Committee (including the main office and "610 Office")

Jiang Guiwen, the CCP secretary: 86-138-43992277 and 86-439-5210013

Liang Minren: 86-136-30738157,86-439-5233757 and 86-439-5223278

Shi Baoyi, director: 86-137-04497779, 86-439-5233757 and 86-439-5221859

Li Yi: 86-137-04497896 and 86-439-6135300

Li Xiulan: 86-135-14393007, 86-439-5233757 and 86-439-5231713

The Linjiang Police Department:

Chen Zhongqiang, director: office 86-439-5229683, home 86-439-5256966 and 86-139-04497243

Wu Yingjie, vice director: office 86-439-5232198, home 86-439-5238288 and 86-139-04490220 (he is in charge of the persecution of practitioners)

Ma Shujun, vice director: office 86-439-5227672, home 86-439-5221969 and 86-138-43990527

Yu Chongjiang: office 86-439-5226117, home 86-439-6135235 and 86-138-43997811

Zou Weiguo: office 86-439-5226957, home 86-439-5221853 and 86-138-43993333

Song Liping: office 86-439-5253555, home 86-439-5231867 and 86-138-94081377

Li Chunguo: office 86-439-5220703, home 86-439-6138719 and 86-138-94080329

Cong Peisheng: office 86-439-5222492, home 86-439-6135881and 86-139-04490308

The Domestic Security Division of the Linjiang Police Department

Liu Minquan, commander: 86-137-04496896 and home 86-439-5229577

Liu Rumin: 86-439-8752696

Wang Weixiang: 86-139-43987070

Zhang Zhongmin: 86-139-04490806

Fu Yuting: 86-138-94085551

Zhang Shujin: 86-439-8752996

Pan Wanjiang: 86-130-39388880

Geng Lidong, former commander of the Domestic Security Division

Song Jishun, director of the Linjiang Detention Station: 86-138-43998722, office 86-439-5726118 and home 86-439-6130158

Zhao Xin, from the Xinrong Police Station: 86-139-43938883 (he was directly involved in the arrest of practitioner Su Lianfeng.)