(Clearwisdom.net) When we discuss negating police interrogations with righteous thoughts, some fellow practitioners may think that it is not easy to do. They think that only those who are at high levels and who are diligent in their cultivation are able to do it. In actuality, it is not difficult to achieve it. As long as your heart is righteous and you meet the requirements of the Fa at that level you will be able to do it. I had an experience of negating a police interrogation and I would like share it with my fellow practitioners as encouragement.

I did not do the three things well, and I was still strongly attached to sentimentality and was taken advantage by the evil forces. I was arrested and held in a detention center. When the policemen broke into my home, they confiscated two computers and two printers. One of the computers belonged to a friend, and one printer was given to me by a fellow practitioner. Facing the upcoming interrogation, I was wondering how to deal with it. I absolutely did not want to drag my fellow practitioner into this. I had once been "transformed" against my will and cooperated with the evil and left a deep, indelible wound in my heart. This time, my only thought was to not drag any fellow practitioner in. I did not consider myself. Maybe because my selfless thoughts met the criterion of the new universe, Master guided me as I took the most righteous path.

The printer that was given to me by a fellow practitioner was not an expensive one. If they question me, I might just tell them that it was free when I purchased the computer. But was I lying? I am facing the evil, so they will have to listen to what I say. In this critical time, I suddenly remembered an experience sharing article written by a fellow practitioner: "Make sure to offer zero information during illegal interrogations, anything you acknowledged will be used by the evil as evidence to sentence you." I suddenly realized, "The things Dafa practitioners do are the most righteous, the evil is not qualified to interrogate them." Just this firm righteous thought helped me completely negate the illegal interrogation. It was Master who, step by step, guided me to this point. And the two fellow practitioners who were detained with me helped me enormously.

During those days, whenever we had time, we memorized the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, exchanged experiences and clarified the truth to inmates. During that time, the scripture we memorized the most was:

"What could human beings possibly do to gods? If there were no outside factors, would humans dare to do anything to gods?" ("In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human")

I understood these Fa principles and realized the evil in the other dimension is the source of persecution--the perpetrators in the human world are just puppets, they are nothing. I developed compassion toward them, eliminated the evil behind them, and tried to prevent them from committing crimes against Dafa for their own sake.

During the interrogation, the policemen dared not to look at me. They wanted me to sit in the chair prepared for inmates, but I refused. They timidly asked, "Have you considered?" I asked, "Considered what?" They replied, "About your case; why are you here?" I smiled, "That is strange. You are the one who brought me here. I want to ask you why you brought me here?" I asked them again, "Is this an interrogation?" They nodded their heads, but still did not dare to look at me. I spoke in a stern tone, "You are not qualified to interrogate a Dafa practitioner." They asked, "Do you still want to leave here?" I said, "Actually, my Master is the one who determines this."

The rest of the interrogation turned around and I interrogated them. "I know your co-worker. His name is so and so, he is already on the list of notorious perpetrators. I also know your name. Did you read our local persecution material? (which they confiscated from my home) Did it speak the truth? Did it accurately describe what you have done?" They did not reply. I continued, "From the accuracy of our local materials, you can see that all Falun Gong material is speaking the truth. Now, answer me what crimes have I committed by speaking the truth? On the contrary, you are the ones who knowingly violated the law."

The evil attempted to take advantage of my loophole, and he asked, "From the materials, who do you know? How did you know the facts?" This was the only question he asked me. I replied, "There is a meeting in the district. They mentioned it at the meeting." (I attended the meeting due to a work related matter). He replied, "Right, I also went to the meeting." At this time, a man came in who was the one who accompanied me during the physical exam before they took me to the detention center. I told them when they arrested me that my heart disease was cured after I practiced Falun Gong. He said, "That is your imagination." I answered, "Really? Do I have heart disease?" He did not answer. It was truly difficult for him to answer the question. If he said yes he'd be confirming that they illegally held a patient. If he said no he would acknowledging that Falun Gong cured my disease. After that, I began talking about quitting the CCP and related organizations to safeguard their future. They did not accept. The interrogation was over and nothing was put in writing.

I was released without condition the next day.

When I wrote this down, I just wanted to break a shell and encourage fellow practitioners to strengthen their righteous thoughts, study the Fa well, let go of attachments to fear and human notions, and do the three things well. Only then can we follow Master home. I am very grateful for my fellow practitioners' righteous support.