(Clearwisdom.net) When I was in high school, I enjoyed writing prose and novels for publishing in newspaper supplements, and occasionally one or two of my works were published. I thought I could write articles for newspaper when I was only 18 years old, and it should not be a problem for me to be a writer ten years later. But several decades have passed, and I never become a writer. However, after I began practicing Falun Dafa, writing became a tool for me to clarify the truth.

I remember that three years ago, I sent an article to the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) for the first time. Several days later when I covered the photo exhibition of the Journey of Falun Dafa in Alishan, I received a phone call from a fellow practitioner in Taiwan. I was told that the article I submitted did not go through and I was asked to send it again. I was very touched since my article was only a short one and the Minghui editor found me and did not give up. This indicated that the editors treasure each report. It was my first feeling about the Minghui website.

Several days later, my report was posted on the Minghui website. I was excited and read it again. I found that my writing had been edited, with some words deleted or changed and a new paragraph was added. I felt the article did not have the original sense, and I was somewhat disappointed. I submitted a few more articles after that and every time my writings were edited. I got used to it later. I then found that my show-off attachment in writing was gone. More importantly I understood that without learning Fa and improvement in Dafa cultivation, I could not write reports.

I used to be picky with words since I thought it was training of basic skills. For example, when writing report on waist drum play, I thought describing the parade had little effect. Thus I focused on describing the beautiful costumes and the drum play of the waist drum team members. When writing a report on Falun Gong exercise demonstrations, I felt there were too many similar reports and some changes were needed, so I deliberately described the gestures of the exercises. Of course, the published reports were edited and polished versions of my writings. After my continuous Fa study, and increased understanding of the Fa principles, as well as careful reading of the reports on Minghui, I gradually understood that Minghui required concise and simple words, and real and direct expression to present bright and profound connotation. In this way, from writing Minghui reports on events around the world, my writing style and word choices have changed and my understanding of Dafa has improved.

I later conducted interviews of practitioners on their cultivation experiences. It is a complex process for me, which includes interviewing, recording, taking photos, and typing transcripts. I felt the most difficult part was typing transcripts from a recording since I didn't like to have misunderstandings of the interviewee's meaning by missing words. While listening and typing, I thought of cultivation stories that the article should present, and how to arrange the article structure. Sometimes I was touched by the voice in the recording, which helped me do a better job writing the article. After a few such times of interviewing, listening to the recording, transcribing and writing, I felt the process helped me eliminate my attachment of anxiety and fear. Of course, my writing skills and understanding of Dafa were also improved without notice. I felt the writing process was a cultivation process.

In 2007, Shen Yun Performing Arts had a tour performance in Taiwan for the first time. A coordinator asked me to interview audience members. I had an attachment of fear when I received the call. I didn't know art, traditional dancing, or music, and the articles needed to be completed within a short time and include photos. I thought it was a very difficult job. I asked the coordinator when I would have to complete the report writing. He said generally I need to start writing after the show ended. I understood that I needed to work late into the night. My fear attachment appeared, and I was afraid of not being able to have a good interview. My attachment to comfort appeared, as I was afraid of working late into the night, but I took the task. That night I continued working until next noon and finally finished the reports. I didn't sleep during the night. I felt tired but had a feeling of accomplishment in my heart. My understanding was that the tribulation is a mountain before you pass it, but it becomes plain land after you pass it.

In 2008-2009, Shen Yun toured the world again. Minghui reporters in Taiwan participated in report preparation and compilation. It was my first time doing such work, and I tried to do my best. A coordinator sent me several original reports. I read all of them and thought about how to compile them together into one coherent, easy to read and touching article. Half an hour passed, and I was a little panicked. After a few tries, I realized that I should not include too much content or profoundness in connotation. When seeing that the audience member talked well, I wanted to include everything he/she said, but then the article would not be readable. After remaining calm, putting the reports in order, and focusing on a theme and points showing the connotation of Shen Yun performance, I was able to produce a smooth line of ideas to demonstrate the grace of Chinese traditional culture and promote the spiritual art connotation of the Shen Yun performance. In this process, I experienced the effect of one entity coordination and understood the principle of the closer to the central Great Way, the simpler the cultivation is.

I enjoyed writing reports about Shen Yun performances, and I was happy and sad along with interviewees' happy or sad feelings. When I read the interviewee's description of the splendid dance program 'The Five Millennia Begin', I seemed to enter heaven. When I read the description of the jubilant youths in the dance 'Dragon Spring Drummers', I seemed to feel the active dancing. When I read interviewees commend the marvelous change in backdrop, I seemed to fly in the vast universe. When I read a description of the audience member's indignant feeling after seeing the practitioner tortured to death in the piece 'Heaven Awaits us Despite Persecution', I felt that the kind-hearted people knew the facts. Participation in writing reports on Shen Yun performance is similar to taking a trip to the magnificent artistic realm of Shen Yun Performing Arts.

Three years ago when I joined the Minghui team for reporting events around the world, I wasn't able to use the computer mouse well while typing. I can now handle the computer well, though my typing speed is still slow. I deeply understand the importance of writing for promoting Dafa, exposing the persecution, and explaining the facts. My experience during the last few years of writing is that the most important thing in doing the work well is studying the Fa, and genuinely cultivating and following the principles of Fa to deal with writing difficulties, in addition to improving writing skills, reading more, writing more, and thinking more. In such a way one can improve reporting skills, cultivate while writing and move forward according to the Fa.

Written in July 2009