After several discussions with fellow practitioners, and from my own understanding of the Fa, I have come to understand that some practitioners cultivation state and conduct in society are questionable. Some of their actions have affected and hindered their own improvement in cultivation and affected the salvation of sentient beings. It is difficult to explain my understandings clearly in a simple exchange of words; therefore, I wrote this article in the hope of helping practitioners to understand and quickly upgrade their Xinxing.

Certain practitioners do not pay enough attention to their conduct and speech. Their thoughts are, "This is my character", which is seen as showing one's individuality, but it often leaves a bad impression on people. Many articles have been posted on the Minghui/Clearwisdom websites that contain righteous thoughts and actions, and they are able to positively influence a person's opinion about a practitioners' image. However, when practitioners' words and actions are not in accordance with the Fa, it could easily create a negative impression of Falun Dafa, preventing sentient beings from learning the truth and being saved. From this perspective, isn't a practitioners idea of "individuality" wrong? Practitioners should shoulder their responsibility to save sentient beings and give-up their bad habits and conduct that hinder their mission.

Some practitioners carry a heavy workload or shoulder a big responsibility towards their family's livelihood, thus hindering their ability to do the three things well. As practitioners, we all know Teacher words:

"To the great enlightened people, living as a human being is not the purpose, and one's life is not meant for being human--it is meant for you to return to your origin."Fa

If we, as practitioners, spend a great deal of time and effort trying to maintain a comfortable life and don't take seriously doing the three things well, essentially, aren't we the same as everyday people? Certainly, some practitioners do so unintentionally; possibly, the old forces use our attachments to create this condition for us. This could also be another method of persecution that holds us back from up-grading our levels.

My personal understanding is that we still have many human notions, especially in the way that we do things. Our conduct does not automatically conform to higher level principles and requirements of the Fa. If we don't study the Fa diligently, we will not understand the Fa easily. If we are dependent on our mistakes and bad experiences to help us develop and raise our xinxing, we will be seriously disadvantaged in our cultivation and in the saving of sentient beings. For the sake of practitioners and for the sake of sentient beings, I hope we can take Fa study seriously, and use the Fa to weigh the consequences of our day-to-day conduct and actions. I hope we can choose to walk on the correct cultivation path and not allow ourselves to have any regrets in the future. It is not my intention to suggest that practitioners who are not doing enough to go to the extremes and put aside all everyday activities to do the three-things well, but to hope that human notions can be cast aside, and that they can treat themselves as true cultivators. As a practitioner, if one can balance well between self-cultivation and normal day-to-day activities, there shouldn't be any problems in cultivation and the persecution would also easily end.