Name: Peng Xiuying (彭秀英)

Gender: Female

Age: over 60

Address: Lishui County, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Occupation: NA

Date of Most Recent Arrest: November 2006

Most recent place of detention: Lishui County 610 Office and Domestic Division

Current Place of Detention: Judong Forced Labor Camp, Jiangsu Province

Date of Most Recent Release: NA

City: Judong

Province: Jiangsu

After July 20, 1999, Peng Xiuying went to Beijing to Fa about Falun Gong. After she returned home, she was arrested repeatedly by the local The "610 office" and Domestic Security Division. One day in November 2006, Peng Xiuying was unlawfully arrested for the ninth time and taken to the Judong Women's Forced Labor Camp, where she was tortured so severely that she suffered a mental breakdown.

One day in November 2006, local policeman Zhu Chuanjiang and more than 30 other police sent by Domestic Security Division head Tang Zhiliang and the 610 Office, hid themselves around Peng Xiuying's house. As soon as her husband came out of the house, the police surrounded him and demanded the key to open the door so they could arrest Peng Xiuying. Because her husband refused, the police took him to the local police station and detained him. At the same time they sent more people to his house, including people from the street committee, the commerce and trade bureau and the police station.

Next, police from the Domestic Security Division brought a ladder and climbed up to the window outside the kitchen. They forced the window open, breaking into Peng Xiuying's house and abducted her. Just then her son came home and tried to stop the police. Nevertheless the police took Peng Xiuying away. The bystanders who witnessed this felt very indignant towards the police.

Tang Zhiliang entered her home and forced open her wardrobe and cupboards. After the police and the others thoroughly ransacked her house, they stole her bankbook that contained her lifetime savings of 30,000 yuan, 5,500 yuan in cash, and two Falun Gong books, which were the so-called "evidence" the police used to send her to a forced labor camp for a year.

At the Judong Forced Labor Camp, two drug addicts and one "assistant" were assigned by the guards to force Peng Xiuying to write the three Guarantee Statement. When Peng Xiuying refused, they forced her to stand until 3:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. before she was allowed to sleep, and then she had to get up at 6:00 a.m. If she accidentally yawned, they would pull her hair, shake her or use match sticks to hold open her eyelids. They also forbade her to use the toilet as a form of torture.

About a month before her term of imprisonment was over, someone from the higher authorities came to "assess her". She refused to cooperate. The three people assigned to monitor her took her into the office and started to take turns slapping her face and stomping on her ankles. Guard Sun Ping, who was watching them beat her, also joined in, and began kicking her. Peng Xiuying was tortured so severely that she suffered bleeding hemorrhoids, cardiovascular disease and a mental breakdown.