(Clearwisdom.net) After sharing with fellow practitioners I came to understand the Fa at a new level and wanted to use the Clearwisdom website to share my understanding with you. We were dealing with a problem: not believing in Teacher and the Fa.

A lot of people might not believe this. They would argue: "If we do not believe in Teacher and the Fa, how is it that we have come so far over the years of cultivation?" We indeed understand the Fa in theory, but it seems that when we encounter a concrete matter we do not always remember that we are practitioners and Teacher's disciples. Is our first thought when we need help to ask Teacher or to ask some kind of official? This actually shows us if we have complete belief in Teacher and Dafa.

One day I learned that the police had arrested eight local practitioners. One young woman practitioner had just one thought, which was to ask an everyday person to help us rescue the practitioners. This unrighteous thought led her down an evil path. She found an every person she had met not long before. She had given him a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to read. He reacted positively, as if he agreed with the Nine Commentaries, making this practitioner feel very happy. When her complacency emerged, she asked this person to help to rescue the eight practitioners. She wanted to use bribery and back door kinds of methods to rescue the arrested practitioners. By the end of the day, she not only failed to rescue the practitioners, but that person took control and coerced her to have sex with him, and she got pregnant. Feeling she had no other alternative, she married him. As a result she did not have the kind of happy life she had thought she would but instead carried a heavy burden. Her husband even punched and kicked her from time to time. Eventually she suffered physical persecution, was forced to have an abortion, and she almost lost her life. Finally, the marriage that should never have happened ended in divorce.

Another case also involved a practitioner who wanted to rescue the detained practitioners. Since this practitioner was not thinking righteously, he also used human methods, which included inviting the people he sought help from to dinner, giving them gifts, and asking an everyday person to get directly involved in the rescue project. The result was that this everyday person had a car accident. Maybe the old forces would rather cause this person to be injured in an accident than let him be successful in helping us rescue the practitioners. This incident exposed an impure heart that did not "believe in Teacher and the Dafa." We actually brought harm to this person simply because of unrighteous thoughts. The result was just the opposite of what it was supposed to be.

Even today practitioners in many places still have these kinds of thoughts. Whenever anything happens they will consult with everyday people, which actually puts us below them. As a matter of fact, entertaining the wicked CCP officials with lavish dinners and giving them generous gifts are the customs of a warped society as well as the residual influences of party ideology. Bribery encourages evil trends. This not only fails to eliminate the evil forces to save the sentient beings, but it inflates their arrogance and we fall into their traps. We must totally negate our unrighteous thoughts and disintegrate these thoughts.

Seeking everyday people's help is actually an attachment of fame, gain, and social status, which is so prevalent in society. Being an official or a policeman gives people the aura of power and/or wealth, but this is a false phenomenon. No matter who they are, they are, first and foremost, people who need to be saved. We must be higher than they are. Clarifying the Truth to them is an act of great compassion and the basis for a solution to any issue. A life that has learned the truth will certainly know how to behave as a human being. We must therefore be clear-minded and not be fooled by false phenomena in human society. One local practitioner walked out of detention with righteous thoughts. However, there was a rumor among his fellow practitioners that he got out of detention because his family's connections helped him. Actually, it was not like that. The most important reason was that he found his fundamental attachment. Teacher said,

"Remove your human thoughts and evil will naturally die out"

("Don't Be Sad" from Hong Yin Volume II)

Practitioners from other places clarified the truth and wrote open letters to the governments at all levels to let the people know the truth and let them know that doing good deeds is met with good rewards and being evil is met with evil returns; to let them get to know and believe "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance is good;" and to let them understand that treating the practitioners kindly is treating themselves and their families kindly. These were the real reasons that the practitioner was released. It was also the result of the elevation and cooperation of the one body. How could we say that the practitioner's release was the result of entertaining CCP officials with lavish dinners and giving them generous gifts or bribery? As practitioners we must first validate Dafa and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. How can we validate the things that do not belong to this Dafa of the universe and ignore the great compassion of Teacher and the mighty power o Dafa? Coming to this stage in our cultivation we must all become mature. It is very dangerous for practitioners to have such thoughts. We must improve our understanding on the issue and let go of this attachment through our cultivation.

I heard in some other places that the practitioners even asked some everyday people to directly join Fa-validating projects. This is also the result of having no faith in Teacher and the Fa. Getting everyday people involved in our projects stems from practitioners having a fearful mentality. They were afraid of being arrested or persecuted. However, such practice might bring harm to these everyday people. The Clearwisdom website published some articles citing cases in which these people confessed to the authorities about the practitioners they met when they were faced with persecution. In some other cases the everyday people were detained and persecuted. We must draw lessons from these cases. We are here to save sentient beings. We should not seek help from everyday people, only their understanding. It is Dafa that really saves sentient beings. Without Dafa we would not exist anymore.

We must dig deeper to look for our fundamental attachments and cultivate ourselves well on this issue. The closer to the end we are, the more clearheaded we should be. Only by believing in Teacher and the Fa can we really navigate through this persecution. We must walk our own cultivation path well and totally negate the persecution arranged by the old forces.