(Clearwisdom.net) Eleven Falun Dafa practitioners are now being detained in Qian'an City Detention Center, Hebei Province. They are: Mr. Li Qingsong, 36, an employee of the Agricultural Bank of China, Qian'an City sub-branch; Mr. Li Yankui, 39, employee of the Agricultural Bank of China, Qian'an City sub-branch; Ms. Zhao Minghua ( Mr. Li Yankui's wife), 40, a teacher at Xiaozhai Primary School, Qian'an Town; Ms. Cui Qingru, 48, retired from the Qian'an City Cooperative Credit Union, Qian'an City sub-branch; Mr. Zhang Hewen, 64, retired from the Capital Steel Division of Qian'an City sub-branch of the Agricultural Bank of China; Ms. Zhang Liqin; Mr. Sun Yongsheng; Ms. Li Xiuhua; Ms. Shao Lianrong; Mr. Yang Zhanmin; and Mr. Cai Youwang.

The five women practitioners are protesting the persecution by means of a hunger strike. The doctors at Qian'an City People's Hospital have force fed them. Ms. Zhang Liqin, Ms. Li Xiuhua, Ms. Shao Lianrong, Mr. Sun Yongsheng, Mr. Yang Zhanmin, and Mr. Cai Youwang were arrested in May 2008 and have been detained for more than one year.

Mr. Li Qingsong, Mr. Li Yankui, Ms. Cui Qingru, Ms. Zhao Minghua, and Mr. Zhang Hewen were arrested around October 2007. Peng Minghui, Pu Yonglai and Ha Fulong are the officials from the City Domestic Security Division that participated in the arrests of these practitioners. On July 20, 2009, the court convened for a third time to judge these five practitioners. During the session, Mr. Li Yankui asked to speak about the torture he had experienced while imprisoned. He offered to verify his reports of torture by exposing the scars on his body, but his lawyer said a witness had to appear in court to corroborate his story. Zhao Wenlu (Judge, Chief of Court) and Feng Xiaolin (Chief Judge, Chief of Court) pretended to be unaware of Mr. Li Yankui's report and didn't acknowledge his request.

Zhou Wenqing, Chief of the Public Prosecution Section, Qian'an City Procuratorate, was the prosecutor in this trial. In public court, he created his own version of the story, distorted the truth, and maliciously attacked Falun Gong practitioners.

August 7, 2009