(Clearwisdom.net) At 5:00 a.m. on July 19, 2009, police officers from the domestic security division of Huadian City, Jilin Province, illegally arrested twelve practitioners, including Ms. Zhao Haiying, Mr. Mao Chun, Ms. Ma Mei, Gao Yufeng, Yuan Dan, Ms. Jing Jichun, Wang Song, Duan Liangjun, and Ms. Yu Yanping. Ms. Yu Yanping, Ms. Ma Mei, and Duan Liangjun were tortured severely. Yu Xiaoqiang from the Huadian City Public Safety Bureau ordered all the police in that city out in force for a mass arrest of practitioners.

At 4:00 a.m. on July 19, officers from the Jiapigou Police Station broke into Ms. Ma's house. Ms. Ma wasn't home at the time, so the officers went to her workplace. They confiscated her laptop and books. Ms. Ma's coworker, Duan Changsun, helped officers Sun Kui and Zhang Haijun locate Ms. Ma. The officers arrested Ms. Ma and detained her in the Huadian Detention Center.

Officers from the Huandian City 610 Office, Domestic Security Brigade, and Yongji Police Station went to Wang Song's house at 4:00 a.m., where they arrested Wang and ransacked the house. At 5:40 a.m., Liu Gang and two officers went to Wang's house again and forced Wang's daughter-in-law and granddaughter to take them to Wang's workplace. The officers confiscated Wang's computer and printer.

At 5:00 a.m., officers broke into Mr. Mao's mother-in-law's house through the windows on the second floor. Zhang Yanggang broke the glass, and Zhang Chunyang climbed up the ladder and entered the house through a window. Ding Rongke broke into the house through the back door. The broken glass injured Mr. Mao's in-law. Mr. Mao's wife tried to stop the officers from taking Mr. Mao, so she was also arrested. Mr. Mao's in-laws were so terrified that they had to be hospitalized.

Officers from Xinhua Police Station arrested Ms. Zhao Haiying the same day. Ms. Zhao's daughter was left alone at home, and staff from Domestic Security took her to another home. She is very ill. Officer Chen Weiming from Xinhua Police Station was in charge of Ms. Zhao's arrest. In the past several years, Chen has arrested Ms. Zhao many times.

Ms. Zhao, Mr. Mao, and Ms. Ma's families went to the police stations and Domestic Security to demand the release of the practitioners. The officers threatened them.

Those responsible for the practitioner arrests include the following:

Shen Zheng, head of the Xinhua Police Station in Huadian City: 86-137-04443323 (Cell), 86-432-6235377 (Home)

Chen Weiming, officer with the Xinhua Police Station in Huadian City: 86-159-81222211 (Cell), 86-432-6220721 (Home)

He Huadian, City 610 Office: 86-432-6225505

Yang Baolin, head of the 610 Office: 86-137-04348883 (Cell), 86-432-6278191 (Home)

Domestic Security Brigade of the Huandian City Public Safety Bureau: 86-432-6227191

Yu Xiaoqiang, captain of the Brigade: 86-138-04448080 (Cell), 86-432-6229190 (Home)