(Clarwisdom.net) The reasons that the persecution is still going on and the disintegration of the evil Chinese Communist Party has yet to happen are because many Falun Gong practitioners have not come forth and many sentient beings have not been saved. Many steadfast practitioners are doing the three things every day. However, only about thirty thousand people are saved daily. Actually, if more non-steadfast practitioners could come forth and save at least one person a day, similar to our daily Fa study and doing the exercises, just two million practitioners could save about 700 million people per year. If we start to do it now, determinedly save a person every day, and keep helping the non-steadfast practitioners, in the near future we would complete our historical mission of helping Master in the Fa-rectification period. Some of the practitioners in our area have already been doing this for about a month. They don't feel it very difficult to achieve the goal. Sometimes, some practitioners can save five people a day. Surely, compared with other steadfast practitioners, this number is very small. However, it indicates considerable progress for the practitioners who have not stepped forward for a long time. The higher the xinxing rises, the better the work is accomplished.

Therefore, helping fellow practitioners to step forward is the most critical issue. We should help the practitioners who are still in touch, but not steadfast, realize that doing the three things well is the essence of cultivation during the Fa-rectification period. The first step is to form a group Fa-study environment, such that the fundamental attachments which prevent these practitioners from stepping forward can be found and relinquished. Secondly, small truth clarifying groups, comprising two or three practitioners, need to be formed. In this environment, one experienced practitioner can guide a less experienced practitioner to clarify the truth.

August 6, 2009