(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ning is a distant relative of mine. She is over 60, and has suffered from rheumatic heart disease for more than 30 years. Her symptoms included nervousness, shortness of breath, restricted breathing, and a resulting diminishing of her physique. Her daily movement were thus quite limited. She was even unable to do house work. She had good health care insurance and could afford to buy expensive medicines, but none were effective. The state of her health was in constant flux.

One day, Ms. Ning's condition suddenly worsened. Her family took her to a provincial hospital and engaged a heart specialist. Upon examination her physician found a tumor on her heart valves. The doctor prescribed many types of medicine and told her to take them regularly, to keep rested, and to avoid strenuous activities.

After Ms. Ning was back home, I went to visit her. She was lying in bed looking sad and was having trouble breathing.

I saw her ill-concealed anxiety and helplessness. I sat beside her until she felt a little bit better and sincerely said, "Falun Dafa is supernatural and unique. After embracing the practice of Falun Gong, many people have experienced miraculous recoveries. Even persistent ailments have disappeared suddenly. Practicing cultivation, these kinds of stories are countless. Anyone can see remarkable health benefits. Therefore, more and more people are practicing Falun Gong. I'm really worried about the progression of the heart disease. A human body is hard to obtain. The orthodox Fa is even harder to obtain. I hope you will seize the opportunity to learn Dafa."

I had introduced Falun Gong to Ms. Ning before, but she had some obstacles in her heart at that time. After thinking for a moment, Ms. Ning said, "All right! Please give me a Dafa book. I want to learn!" I took out c copy ofZhuan Falun from my bag. She sat up and deferentially took it with both hands.

After a few days, I visited her again. When I arrived, Ms. Ning walked up to me with vigorous strides. She was refreshed and flush with health. She was full of life. She was a transformed person. If I did not see it with my own eyes, it would be hard to believe how much she had changed.

I said in surprise, "It just goes to show, 'After a period of absence, one may change for the better.' Fancy you recovering so fast!"

"I personally experienced Falun Gong's remarkable health benefits,"said Ms. Ning cheerfully. "I witnessed a Falun Dafa miracle." She shared her personal experience with me, "One day, as I concentrated on studying the Fa, I saw two bright white rotating Faluns enter my body. I saw them very clearly. One of them moved to my lower abdomen. The other rotated rapidly and entered my chest area. I felt warmth in my heart immediately. All shortness of breath and heaviness in my chest disappeared. I felt very comfortable. The heart disorder that had bothered me for decades was gone. Falun Gong is miraculous! Falun Gong is miraculous!"

I could feel her admiration and true thankfulness to Dafa because she understood that Teacher was taking care of her and had given her precious Faluns. She witnessed Dafa's outstanding health benefits, such as the rotating Faluns and her miraculous recovery.

At the same time, her relatives were moved. Ms. Ning said, "My whole family observed my miraculous recovery! They joked that I am 60 but my heart is 30. They all admire Dafa!"

Ms. Ning added, "I have learned about Dafa's mysteries. Without Dafa, I would not be here. Treasuring Dafa is treasuring myself. I will cultivate diligently!"