(Clearwisdom.net) After reading many articles on the Clearwisdom.net website about practitioners who have been persecuted, I was heartbroken. However, in their articles, some practitioners never mentioned their righteous thoughts when they were tortured. Of course, shouting "Falun Dafa is good" is an act of righteous thought. However, I believe that true righteous thought is more than shouting this sentence, but rather eliminating the evil.

Going on a hunger strike is also a form of protest against the persecution. However, it is at the expense of our own physical body. In my opinion, if the guards truly cared about practitioners and were afraid that we would be worse off without eating, then they would not have brutally tortured practitioners in the first place. Therefore going on a hunger strike can be a form of protest, but it is not the most active and powerful method. As long as we don't have fear and other concerns, if we let go of the attachment of life and death then the wonders of righteous thought will occur.

I have been abducted twice or three times and was detained in a forced labor camp twice. I have a deep understanding of sending forth righteous thoughts. Although I could not see the effect of my righteous thoughts in other dimensions, I could tell the effects on the perpetrators in this dimension. When I sent forth righteous thought in the way required by Dafa, I saw a policeman miserably hold his head in pain. Some policemen on duty had such severe back pain that they leaned on the desk and stretched their back. Some sneezed seven or eight times in a row. When I first saw these phenomena, I thought it was coincidence. When they happened very often, it changed my thinking.

A policeman named Lan treated me badly when he interrogated me. At the beginning, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil factors in other dimensions and to have him experience immediate retribution in this dimension. Very quickly, he rubbed his neck forcefully with his palm.

When guards or policemen torture us, they suffer physically. It is exactly as described in the case of shifting the pain to the perpetrators as mentioned in the article "Stop the evil acts with righteous thoughts".

However, the perpetrators still have doubts. Even though some of them did not believe, some even wanted to experiment on me, but at least they felt the supernormal power of Falun Gong. After they realized this, they would not think that Dafa practitioners were soft and would tolerate whatever they do. They would thus limit their vicious acts. Therefore I think that righteous thoughts are important regardless of whether we are at home or are in dangerous situations. It is particularly crucial in dangerous situations

July 27 2009