(Clearwisdom.net) I live with other practitioners in a mountainous area. During the past ten years, we have been following the principles of Falun Dafa and bringing the wonder of Falun Dafa and the truth about the persecution to people. On this returning path, we have weathered many storms. We have enlightened to many things from what we have experienced.

The point that touches us most is: Teacher arranged for us to be together so that we can help each other, harmonize with each other and cooperate with each other in order to remove our attachments and become pure during the process of assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification. Such lives will form an indestructible body. As long as this one body does well and walks its path well, we will completely deny the arrangements made by the old forces and create a wonderful future for sentient beings as Teacher requires us to do.

An Indestructible Fa Study Group

Teacher said,

"No matter how difficult your environment is, no matter how busy you get, you cannot forget to study the Fa. You must study the Fa, because it is the absolute, most fundamental guarantee of your improvement." ("Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A." )

During the past ten years we have been studying the Fa together. Through Fa study we can identify our shortcomings and resolve them. Our practice site is also our location for group Fa study. Since we started cultivation in Dafa, our group Fa study has never been disrupted, regardless of the weather. New practitioners and veteran practitioners alike are all focused on Fa study and cultivation. We help each other and improve as one body.

On July 20, 1999, the evil started the persecution, defaming Teacher and Dafa. But we all knew clearly: Teacher is innocent, and Dafa is righteous. Everything we do brings numerous benefits and does no harm to society. Several of us went to the township government to ask for justice. The officials from the village committee did not allow us to practice in the daytime, so we got up at midnight to practice and study the Fa. Despite the persecution, our Fa study group has never been interrupted. The number of practitioners in our Fa study group has increased from four to more than ten. During the past ten years, we have made Fa study a priority no matter how busy we are with our farm work. We regard the "three things" as our responsibility. Each practitioner can play the role of one hundred people while saving sentient beings.

We have covered every corner of our township. We have traveled back and forth between villages, along rivers, and down mountain roads countless times. The banners, posters and signs displaying the truth are everywhere in the villages, on walls, boulders, telephone poles, blackboards, etc. Again and again we have written them on, put them up and pasted them on. The courtyards of households and their front gates are the places that we visit several times a year. As such, we have been questioned, chased, followed, cursed and ridiculed many times. We have faced these situations calmly. Under Teacher's compassionate protection, we have turned danger into safety time and time again.

There is a lot of farm work in the countryside. We bring truth-clarifying materials with us while we are doing the farm work in the field at daytime. Whoever meets us, we want to save. It's a better opportunity than just clarifying the truth while visiting friends and going to the market.

We study the Fa together twice every week and clarify the truth outside together once every two weeks. We coordinate our efforts like this: First, we divide the nine villages in our township into four groups. Two practitioners are in one group. Only eight practitioners can go outside to clarify the truth at night. The oldest practitioner is 62 years old and the youngest is 52. The older practitioners go to the closer villages, with a round trip being about forty li (Chinese unit, 500 meters per li). The younger practitioners go to farther villages, with a round trip about 80 li. We do not use any other way of getting around other than walking. We get the materials ready according to different villages before we go outside. We put the materials in front of the gate of each household. In the meanwhile, we paste the posters and hang up the banners in appropriate places.

We put up the posters like this: Two practitioners are in one group. One practitioner stands on a big stone, then squats down; another practitioner stands on her shoulders and then the two practitioners stand up together. In this way, we can paste the posters in places over three meters high so that kids and people who don't understand the truth cannot destroy them. The signs will stay up for a longer time, thus playing a more effective role.

Every time we come back from clarifying the truth, we sit together to share our experiences and find the gaps between us so that we can do better next time as one body. Additionally, when we clarify the truth together, we usually choose the night before the market day. This way, every village, every group and every household can see the truth at the same time. It is very effective in saving sentient beings and frightening the evil.

We have delivered the wonder of Falun Dafa to thousands of households. Almost everyone knows the truth about Falun Dafa. On "politically sensitive days" or holidays, the officials from the villages and the township will notify us immediately if the central government plans to start another campaign of arrests. We then get prepared.

Our experience has taught us that Teacher will do everything for us as long as we improve ourselves to the required level. For instance, late at night when it is so dark that it is hard to see our hands in front of our faces, Teacher will illuminate the road for us. It happens the same way for each of us. Every practitioner feels that there is a light on their forehead, just like the headlamps that miners wear. The light illuminates wherever we go. Especially when we hang up the signs, we can see clearly no matter how dark it is. As long as our righteous thoughts are strong enough, everything makes a way for us. Even the dogs do not bark.

Cooperate as One Body, Genuinely Cultivate While Clarifying the Truth and Encouraging Withdrawal from the CCP

Clarifying the truth, persuading people to do the three withdrawals (withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated Youth League and Young Pioneers) and saving sentient beings are the best manifestation of genuine cultivation! We started to encourage our families and friends to quit the CCP immediately after Teacher published the article, "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World." In the beginning our relatives didn't understand and said some bad words. We divided eight practitioners who could clarify the truth into four groups, then delivered the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" and other materials to literate people in the villages. Meanwhile, we went door to door and clarified the truth and persuaded people to quit the CCP. Gradually people began to understand. It's much easier now. During the busy farming season, we went to visit people who lived nearby. Quite often an entire family will quit the CCP together.

When it is not the farming season, we go to the villages farther away from home. When it's market time, we go to the market to clarify the truth. Two practitioners are in one group, with one sending forth righteous thoughts and the other persuading people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. So far, people who have quit the CCP in our surrounding villages account for half of the population. Among the 140 households in our village, over 95% have quit the CCP. In any village where there are Dafa practitioners, the rate of withdrawals is over 50%.

During the past eight years, we have enlightened to one point: the strength of cooperation as one body is infinite. The process of cooperation as one body is cultivation. We should follow the Fa and cultivate solidly. In cultivation, we have to study the Fa well, look within and rectify every single action, word and thought of ours. Gradually we are forming one harmonious body.