(Clearwisdom.net) I am a disciple who isn't always diligent. My performance status is like this: diligent/laid-back/diligent/laid-back but I don't feel right when I am in laid-back mode. In my heart I ask myself: "Why am I here? Why have I come to this human world?"

When I think it over, I realize that I came here to obtain the Fa, and I have the responsibility to save sentient beings. Then I can settle down and study the Fa well and enter into a better state. I then believe in Master and the Fa, and have no or few distracting thoughts when validating the Fa. Wise words come out naturally like water from a faucet when I clarify the truth.

But when I encounter relatively bigger problems or difficulties, I can't break though them and always get stopped in my tracks. I become worried and puzzled and don't solve the problems in time. My attachment to comfort starts to grow and I revert to a laid-back state for quite a while.

But then I realize that I am a practitioner, and can't stop thinking: "Why am I here? Why have I come to this world?" Then I can study the Fa and validate the Fa with a peaceful mind, and can also look within for problems. I then enter a good state of validating the Fa.

I would also like to share my understanding of the importance of looking within. I still want to blame others or stay away when I encounter problems. I only look into myself when the problems can't be resolved. If everything goes smoothly, my righteous thoughts are strong. If things don't go so well, my righteous thoughts are weak, and I am even puzzled and think of nonsense with a human heart.

How can I fulfill my responsibilities if I am in such a state?

After studying the Fa, reading sharing from other practitioners, and learning from those who do well, I realize that the practitioners who have done well--new and veteran--have one thing in common: they firmly believe in Master and the Fa. I always think too much, make things complicated and worry too much. These are all human notions and attachments. The root is not firmly believing the Fa. Actually we should just follow what Master has taught: that is believing in Master and the Fa. It's just that simple. We can then walk well on the path of Fa Validation.

"Its broad and immense, profound inner meaning can only manifest itself to, and be experienced and understood by, practitioners who are at different levels of true cultivation."("Broad and Immense" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

Do we truly cultivate on each level? It is very critical that we believe in Master and the Fa on the path of Fa Validation. We can only walk the path well when we believe in Master and the Fa firmly. After I understood this principle, I felt very light-hearted. Thank you Master for saving me compassionately! Thank you fellow practitioners for your help!