(Clearwisdom.net) This letter was written by a loving and affectionate father to his son, who is currently detained in Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp in Hunan Province. The son is a Falun Gong practitioner. The labor camp authorities intercepted and confiscated the letter, claiming that it was "not in compliance with the rules."

Contents of the original letter:


My Dear Son Zhen:

On the morning of January 18, 2008, I received the letter that you wrote to me on December 23, 2007. I could not help but sigh with great sorrow even as I felt a small measure of relief. The New Year is coming in the twinkling of an eye. I hope that you will take good care of yourself, and please remember the New Year's greetings from your mother and myself to your friends!

We will do our best to perform the task that you entrusted to me and your mother in your letter.

Everybody is well here at home, including your mother and myself, your elder brother and his wife, your niece and nephew, and your good friends. Don't worry about us. The only thing is that your little nephew often asks about his "manman" (pronunciation in the Shaoyang dialect, meaning "uncle") and misses you a lot.

Honestly, as parents we wish very little, only that our son is to be a real man with a sense of dignity and truth.

Time will fly by. No matter how long or how short it takes, it will be over one day.

Let your heart become broader, broader, and even broader. The law of the universe does not change due to anyone's will. Everything will become better.

The weather is extremely cold now. Take good care of yourself.


January 22, 2008