(Clearwisdom.net) Fengxian (pseudonym) is a fifty year-old Dafa practitioner from Songfu town of Ma city. She has been detained twice and extorted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the 10 years of the persecution. Under such pressure, her husband and son no longer supported her practice.

In the autumn of 2007, Fengxian could not eat or drink, and experienced extreme pain in her chest. She could not even walk. However, she acted as if nothing was wrong, because she did not want her family to know about her problems.

One night, Fengxian was in so much pain that her husband noticed. He checked her, and determined that her illness was very serious. Then, he sent her to a hospital for diagnosis. To their surprise, they found that she had pancreatic cancer! The infected area was as big as a tea cup. Fengxian's family was quite worried and astonished at this outcome. They collected some money, and asked their family doctor to take her to the Macheng City Hospital for further diagnosis.

Fengxian was not worried. She thought: "I am a practitioner. Teacher helps me to clear my body. This must be evil interference and persecution. I should send forth righteous thoughts to get rid of it!" She called her brother and sister in-law (veteran practitioners) and described her situation. She wanted to stay in their home, study the Fa, and send forth righteous thoughts together. They agreed, and encouraged her to believe that with Master and the Fa, what is there to fear?

Fengxian was taken to Macheng by the doctor and her younger sister in-law from Songfu. They were in the bus for only ten minutes, but it felt like a century to her. She felt like vomiting, but was unable to do it. She was in great pain and looked exhausted, but Fengxian remembered Teacher's Fa:

"When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." (Zhuan Falun)

She sent righteous thoughts on the way to the hospital. Finally, she arrived at her brother's home. As she was just entering their yard, she vomited something that looked like dark red blood and black water. She thought "That's good". The three practitioners knew that the "illness" had been "eliminated". Fengxian felt much better, and was able to eat a big bowl of noodles. Additionally, she started walking as fast as a very healthy person!

Her family could not believe what had happened. They thought that she had spit out blood, and forced her to check into the hospital. Fengxian received a checkup, and thought, "I will let you witness Dafa's magic power". In the hospital, Fengxian said with conviction that she did not have any illness, no matter what the doctor thought. The doctor asked "Why are you in this hospital if you don't have an illness?" The Songfu doctor and her younger sister in-law described her illness. The doctor pointed to her chest and asked: "Are you feeling any pain here? This is such a serious illness. Do the ultrasound test now!"

After the doctor conducted the test, he found nothing wrong with her. The doctor had two test results to compare. After just one week, where was the tea cup-sized pancreatic cancer? Fengxian said: "I am very healthy".

Fengxian's husband and son did not feel so confident. They went to the center early the next morning. They could not believe this magic. Fengxian had a big breakfast, and went with them to the city center. Along the way, she clarified the truth to them. She was quite energetic. Her husband and son had witnessed Dafa's magic power, and were totally convinced. They never prevented her from practicing Falun Gong again. Her younger sister in-law was astonished and said: "This is really powerful! That's why so many people continue to practice Dafa!"

July 24, 2009