(Clearwisdom.net) In May and June 1999, when local practitioners were being persecuted, we posted the news on the Falun Dafa website bulletin board established by practitioners in North America. Around June 20, when we sent an update of the news, the bulletin board website had changed its name to the "Minghui" website. Since then, the Minghui website has accompanied me during the most difficult ten years of my cultivation.

When the persecution started in1999, we could only get to the Minghui website at an Internet cafe. It was not easy at that time to get access and pass the news on to fellow practitioners.

When the persecution officially started, many practitioners were confused by false articles that were being circulated. In September 2000, when the article "Serious Teachings" was published by the Minghui editors, most of these practitioners realized that they had fallen behind and started stepping out to validate Dafa.

After I was released from the detention center, the first thing I did was get access to the Minghui website. At that time, there was no software available to break through the Internet blockade, and it often took several dozen minutes to open the website. Finally, when the blockade was broken through, my feelings could not be described in words.

Because the Minghui website provides us with a place to share experiences which surpasses time and space, and to have access to Teacher's new articles, we are able to keep up with the pace of Fa rectification no matter how difficult the situation has been. The Minghui website has accompanied me through the most difficult time in my cultivation.

June 17, 2009