(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Yixing, a Falun Gong practitioner from Lichun Town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, was sentenced to five years in jail by the Pengzhou City Court. He was detained in Wumaping Prison in Leshan City, where he was subjected to inhumane torture. There, stimulants and brain-damaging drugs were added to his food. On June 20, 2008, Mr. Zhang returned home, but he was arrested again and taken to the Xinjin Brainwashing Center in Chengdu City where he remained for over five months.

On June 17, 2003, Mr. Zhang was taken to the Lichun Police Station by the Pengzhou City Domestic Security Division police. He was encased in shackles weighing over ten pounds and forced to stand for long periods, causing his feet to become swollen and making him unable to walk. The police deprived him of sleep, shining a very bright flashlight into his eyes while he was handcuffed to a chair. At the same time, two officers pinched his groin area, poked his armpits, and threatened and tortured him in many other ways for three consecutive days.

Around July 1, 2003, Mr. Zhang began a hunger strike to resist the persecution. The Pengzhou City Detention Center doctor forced him to sit in the "prisoner's chair" for three days. During this time, a rubber tube that hadn't been disinfected was stuck into his nose for force-feeding.

In September 2003, Mr. Zhang was sentenced to five years by the Pengzhou City Court. On April 22, 2004, he was transferred from the Pengzhou City Detention Center to Wumaping Prison in Leshan City. That afternoon, Mr. Zhang's left middle toe nail was stomped off by the guards, and his scalp was scraped with a wet hair brush. Around May 1, 2004, because Mr. Zhang practiced the exercises in the No. 4 Prison Area, instructor Wang Yijun ordered other inmates to deprive Mr. Zhang of sleep. The inmates guarded him all night. Every time he fell asleep they poked his nose with bamboo sticks. This torture occurred for three days straight. Mr. Zhang was subjected to this torture twice while at this prison.

On the night of June 1, 2004, Mr. Zhang was beaten by guards Xiao Bin, Gao Hu, and He Qingquan, and inmates Lu Xiongchao and Qiu Qiancai. They later locked him in a Training Unit small cell (used to torture people). He was forced to stand for the entire night with his hands around the cell door.

On February 28, 2007, Mr. Zhang was transferred from the No. 1 Prison Area to the No. 4 Prison Area. He was forced to attend group training and then placed in solitary confinement for two days.

On November 13, 2007, Mr. Zhang was "held captive." In a single room, at least two inmates followed him when he went to the bathroom. On November 19, 2007, guards handcuffed him to the edge of the bed for three days, with one arm along one side and the other arm along the other side. Sleep-prevention drugs, stimulants and other brain and nerve-damaging drugs were put into his food. His hands were released only when he ate or went to the bathroom. The second time, Mr. Zhang was subjected to the same position and tortured for four days. This time, the handcuffs weren't removed even if he was eating or using the bathroom. Someone served him food and others emptied his bedpan.

Those who participated in persecuting Mr. Zhang included Xia Zhaojiu, Luo Guohua, Deng Xuewen, the No. 2 Prison Area education department director surnamed Peng, and the assistant director, Lu Jiangtao.

On June 18, 2008, Mr. Zhang was held by the No. 1 Prison Area for an extra day. The following day, people from the Pengzhou City 610 Office, the Politics and Law Committee, the Lichun Town Police Station, and the Judiciary escorted him out of the prison. However, Mr. Zhang was detained at the Lichun Judicial Institute for another night and half a day. At noon on June 20, 2008, he was taken home. Five hours later, he was arrested and taken to the Judicial Institute. On the second morning, Mr. Zhang was taken directly to Xinjin Brainwashing Center in Chendgu City, where he was detained for over five months.

In the brainwashing center, the guards placed three kinds of drugs in his food, including drugs that prevented him from sleeping, made his mind wander, and made him sexually abusive. At night a frightening recording was played. The voice-over was frightening and deceitful. Other tortures include pouring mace onto people's bodies, sitting on the tiger bench, pitiful screams, and the smell of deep frying oil.

When given an intravenous drip in the Xinjin People's Hospital, the guards and the doctor conspired to put brain and nerve-damaging drugs into the IV. From November 2, 2008, to December 3, 2008, Mr. Zhang did not sleep once.