(Clearwisdom.net) The top of the teaching profession in China's education system is to be a senior teacher. There is a lot of competition to get to this point, and I made it to the cusp of this accomplishment.

Last year, I let an older colleague have the opportunity. After discussing the matter with fellow practitioners and understanding it from the Fa, I decided not to let it go this time. In the school, everyone knows that I'm a Dafa practitioner and that I do not compete with others for things. This time I wanted to officially submit my application for the position. If successful, it would show that a Dafa practitioner can indeed do an outstanding job and achieve this position.

The first thing was to make a report of my work. For everyday people, this would be a good opportunity for showing off and exaggeration. But looking back at my ten years of Dafa cultivation and my ten years of working at the school, I wrote an article of review using only about a thousand words and without exaggeration. It reads like a process of growing my personal life and spirituality, but it was in fact my ten years of cultivation experience. Since I wrote it with a sincere heart, the people that listened to me read it were in tears. After the meeting, the school's dean asked if he could have a copy of my article for the archives.

The second part was an examination and verification conference. The candidates were not allowed to be in the conference, so I didn't know exactly how it went. But afterwards, it was called a battle between "righteousness and evil" by one of the examiners. The school principal insisted on having my name taken off the list, saying that I had failed the "political qualifications" because I am a Falun Gong practitioner. But on the other side, all the other non-candidate teachers at the school insisted that I should be promoted because of my outstanding performance. The conference turned out to be a seesaw affair. In the end, they agreed to push me forward in the process because I was the only one in the school that "never accepted any money or gifts from parents." Even then, the principal was still unwilling to have me promoted. He gave me a half endorsement and asked me to go to another school to compete further. After being informed about it, I chuckled. Under normal circumstances, I would have just let it go, but because he tied me together with Dafa, I knew that I had to go forward, because Dafa must prevail.

The third part was a competition. The two main elements for the competition were credentials and achievements, and I had none of them. All the teachers except me took undergraduate courses on politics (writings of Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Deng Xiaoping) through correspondence school. I didn't take the courses because I didn't want to use the things of evil spirits for personal benefit. All those credentials could be bought. It costs several hundred yuan for a certificate, and so on. I am a Dafa practitioner, and whatever money I have is used for Dafa first and foremost. Therefore, I have never spent a penny on these things. One of my students' parents who works for the Department of Education gave me a certificate gotten through back channels. I refused to accept it, but thanked her anyway. I decided to compete without any credentials or achievements.

My application with no credentials or achievements should have been at the bottom in the whole city. That was why the Education Department Head scolded our school principal harshly, "How could you submit this kind of person for promotion?" At the time, it seemed that my promotion had no chance. However, a school principal from another district said forcefully, "Promotion should not only be given to those with credentials and achievements, but rather to those who are truly hard working and really responsible." In the end, I was actually approved for promotion, but this person didn't even know my name. Why was he willing to do this big favor for me? I understood that it was the miracle of Dafa. Teacher saw that since I had gotten rid of my attachments to fame and profit, whatever should be mine would not be taken away.

Now that the issue of job promotion has gone by, I am looking back at what happened, and I am beginning to realize that things on earth are all made for the sake of Dafa and that what has taken place in human society is a result of Dafa disciples' attachments. If I had any human notions of fame or profit in this matter, the result would most likely have turned out differently.