(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in March 1994 in China.

The Environment Is Provided by Teacher

My home was like a reception center before and after July 20, 1999. Every day there are local practitioners, out-of-town practitioners and homeless practitioners in my place. One practitioner said, "Your home is a sharing place for practitioners. They can come whenever they want to. It is a refuge." I said that it is not a refuge, but an environment provided by Teacher.

During the process of validating the Fa, we should not do things with intention. For example, I made posters by myself, but the way I went about making the posters was difficult and inefficient. When I shared with a fellow practitioner, she came up with an easier method which she learned at a screen printing store. Teacher was imparting wisdom to practitioners. In the end, they combined the oil printing and screen printing, and created simple posters with "Falun Dafa is Good." We have used this method to this day. We have gradually learned how to print color characters on twin adhesives. We made the posters more efficiently. When the light fell on posters at night, the words "Falun Dafa is Good" were shining.

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, people who were deceived by the propaganda treated us according to what they learned from the Chinese Communist Party's political movements. I always tell my husband that we must keep up our spirits in front of everyday people, and we should walk with our chins up and chests out. We should not create a mistaken impression, as if we were doing something wrong, but demonstrate the grace of Dafa. For instance, we cleared away snow during winter, and cleaned the passageway at our apartment building. Many practitioners visit my place to pass on truth-clarifying materials. I live on the sixth floor. There was a older lady monitoring us in my building. In fact, she was being controlled by the old forces. She reported us to a party secretary and a manager who were living in the same building. However, they turned their back on her and told her not to poke her nose into others' business. "They (my husband and I) didn't do anything wrong. It's their right to do whatever they want." The older lady felt embarrassed. Later, the party secretary started practicing Falun Gong.

In recent years, I have written ten truth-clarifying letters every week, including letters persuading people to withdraw from the CCP. At the same time, I spread the Nine Commentaries using various methods and clarify the truth about Falun Gong face to face. Most people whom I have met have quit the CCP. Therefore, I understand that the relaxed environment is provided by Teacher.

Group Fa-Study Has Continued for More Than Nine Years

After July 20, 1999, we have persisted in studying the Fa at a group Fa-study site. Group exercises and Fa-study is the environment that our compassionate Teacher has created for us. Although we can't do exercises outside because of the persecution, we have been practicing the exercises every day, and can now do the exercises with practitioners around the entire country at the same time. Our once a week group Fa-study has been ongoing for more than nine years. Fellow practitioners share and discuss at the group study site.

We five or six older practitioners have never stopped group Fa-study during the vicious period. There has been only one thought in our minds: Falun Gong is not in the wrong. Teacher has done nothing wrong. If there were anything improper, it shows that we ourselves are not doing well. Originally, we did not know about sending righteous thoughts. We raised out hands to recite,

"Every form of travail has he weathered,
Countless the fiends trampled under his feet;
His palm erected, the whole Cosmos shakes,
A grand Buddha stands between heaven and Earth."
("The Awakened One" from Hong Yin)

During that early period, the practitioners at our group study site conducted themselves in accordance with the Fa, and corrected ourselves immediately if we were not following the Fa. The practitioners at the group study site range in age from 50 to 70 years old. We persist in studying the Fa every Monday in all weather conditions. Even though I moved my place of residence, we still kept the group study. Some practitioners need to ride a bike almost an hour to the site, but they never felt fatigued. With the Fa-rectification forging ahead and studying the Fa deeply, each of us leads some practitioners to persist in studying the Fa at different group sites. Large materials production sites have formed and small materials production sites have blossomed everywhere like flowers. In these more than nine years of Fa-rectification, I understand that Teacher has been protecting and watching over us.