(Clearwisdom.net) On June 8, 2009, five practitioners were illegally sentenced by the Runzhou Court in Zhenjiang City, including Fu Zhuhua, Ai Junqing, Xu Wei, Yang Suting, and Bao Shuangdi. They were arrested on September 5, 2008, and were severely tortured during their detention.

On the afternoon of September 5, 2008, Sun Peng and other officers from the Hepinglu Police Station in Runzhou District arrested several practitioners, including Ms. Fu Zhuhua, 58, Ms. Ai Junqing, 52, Mr. Xu Wei, 34, a resident of Jurong in Zhenjiang City who was forced to stay away from home, Ms. Yang Suting, 45, Ms. Bao Shuangdi, 57, and others. Police also confiscated Dafa books, computers, printers, copiers, CD burners, CDs, cash, bank deposit certificates, truth-clarification materials, MP3s, paper, etc. The police forcibly handcuffed practitioners, covered their heads with dark bags, and pushed them into a police van.

The practitioners were held at the Dingmou Detention Center and the police deprived them of visits by family members. The police also said, "They are all counter-revolutionary and there is no need to discuss further."

After detaining these practitioners for nearly a year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials secretly sentenced them on June 8, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Runzhou Court of Zhenjiang City. Family members were not notified, and the practitioners were not allowed to have defense attorneys. Ms. Fu Zhuhua was sentenced to eight years, Ms. Ai Junqing and Mr. Xu Wei were sentenced to six years each, and Ms. Yang Suting and Ms. Bao Shuangdi were sentenced to three years each. According to inside information, the higher officials had assigned a quota of how many practitioners were to be sentenced, even if they were innocent. In addition, those who were involved in this persecution were all promoted.

During the detention, the practitioners were severely abused both mentally and physically. Their families were also severely persecuted. Ms. Fu Zhuhua, Ms. Ai Junqing and her husband's (not a practitioner) hair turned grey. On the day when the practitioners were sentenced, Ms. Fu Zhuhua's blood pressure was so high she fainted on site. Nonetheless, the police still brutally persecuted her.

Wu Meng, head of Runzhou Court
Ma Yugen, 610 Office director and police department head
Geng Yujian, chief judge that sentenced Dafa practitioners
Zhang Suofa, head of Runzhou Domestic Security Office: 86-511-85636380
Xia, head of Zhenjiang City Police Department: 86-511-85026990