(Clearwisdom.net) I was very enlightened when I was fortunate enough to find and read "Minghui Weekly." The simple words, endless care, and sincere compassion of fellow practitioners influenced me. Fellow practitioners gather together on this website, sharing their personal cultivation stories; the stories remind us to do well in each step of cultivation and not to fall behind. I could not help assimilating into Dafa and seeing my own shortcomings. The clear understandings of the Fa by practitioners touched and enlightened me. I am not well educated and I was once quite confused by the phrases "Understand the Fa based on Dafa," "Perceptual knowledge," "Rational knowledge," etc. Since I found my home, the Clearwisdom website, I no longer get lost and I am able to keep up with the progress of Teacher's Fa rectification.

After I found this gift, I felt that I could not leave out other practitioners. I always bring a copy of Minghui Weekly to other practitioners. However, some local veteran practitioners, out of security concerns, have warned me again and again not to pass Minghui Weekly to new practitioners or those practitioners who are not diligent. They warn that, since they cannot properly keep the materials, it may cause problems. They said, "The Fa rectification has reached such a status, if anything happens ..." Every time I hear these warnings I feel quite troubled. What should I do? They are all practitioners; maybe all they need is a little push to help them keep up and not fall behind. We are one body. Teacher wants us to improve as one body and to coordinate well. The most important thing to keep up with the progress of Teacher's Fa rectification.

Teacher does not want to leave behind any practitioner. We are disciples to assist Teacher, so Teacher's will should be our will. It is our responsibility to care for every practitioner. We need to cultivate without any selfishness. I suggest that all practitioners in mainland China take action and start to care for those practitioners who used to practice Dafa but have not been able to step forward due to the evil pressure. What we say and do will play very important roles. Teacher said, "In these situations your conduct should always show Dafa disciples' tolerance, kindness, and niceness. The next person's things are your things,1 and your things are his things."("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Washington, D.C. Fa Conference" 2002) (Official Translation)

Next, in the big family of Clearwisdom, I'd like to share some of my stories regarding cultivation and saving sentient beings.

During cultivation, as long as we are based on the Fa, think with the mentality of cultivators, treat everything with righteous thoughts, and only think about Teacher's words when saving people, the evil dare not persecute us. I have been doing this throughout. Once I get truth-clarification materials, I immediately pass them on to non-practitioners. I tell them how precious these materials are and that they should not throw them out after they are finished reading them. I ask them to share the materials to their friends and families. If someone will not heed this request, I do not give the person the materials because I want every precious piece of truth-clarification material to do its job to save sentient beings.

Since Teacher mentioned using truth clarification bills, I have worked on this. From one hundred yuan bills to one yuan bills, I do not spend any bill without a message on it. I write truth-clarification phrases carefully and neatly on every bill. When I spend them, I am very righteous and do not have any other thoughts. It has gone very smoothly. Once I spent 900 yuan on something and I naturally gave them my truth-clarification bills. The cashier looked at all of them one by one, smiled at me, and then accepted them. Another time when I bought something and used a 20-yuan bill, a young man said, "There are words on the bill." I responded, "Would you read what is written on it? Don't you want a gift that will bring you good luck?" He immediately answered, "Thank you! Thank you!" I have many similar stories but I will not go into all of them.

Today I come to the family of Clearwisdom to share thoughts from my personal cultivation. If there is anything inappropriate, please compassionately correct me.

July 3, 2009