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Clearwisdom Weekly Persecution News - July 6 ~ 12, 2009

July 14, 2009 |  

July. 6

The police claimed Ms. Sun Min died as a result of "falling from a height" on APRIL 23, 2009. But the postmortem examination report is dated APRIL 22. In addition, her family members found wounds on her body. Even staffs at the Medico-Legal Appraisal Institute denied the police's conclusion.

After being detained for five months, Mr. Ji Baoshan was sentenced to five years in a secret trail. His wife begs on the street while holding her infant, with a yellow cloth telling her experience to public for help.

July. 7

Mr. Wei Fengming and Ms. Luo Shuizhen couple were arrested for publicly speaking out for Falun Gong. Six months later, the court held an "open" trial only open to CCP agents. The judge even didn't gave the couple a chance to state their innocence.

July. 8

A conversation with an official indicates a disregard for China's Constitution and for the rights of ordinary citizens.

Ms. Lin Lisha, 51, dies a few days after leaving Yangmahe Women's Prison in Jianyang City at the end of June 2009. Her condition upon release was emaciated.

In June 2009, a judge obstructed a lawyer's attempts to communicate with his imprisoned client.

July. 9

Ms. He Zhiwei, a Falun Gong practitioner from Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, was arrested in April 2009. At Zhanjiang Brainwashing Center, she was abused so severely that one of her cervical vertebrae was dislocated. When her family demanded her release for medical treatment, the brainwashing center staff said that they would have to negotiate with the 610 Office. The family is still waiting for a reply.

July. 12

The forced labor camp has been renamed as "Drug Rehabilitation Center" to the public, but the tortures of Falun Gong practitioners continue there.

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