Mr. Li Guangwei, who was born in August 1935, is a retired teacher from Songbaixiang Primary School in Jiangxi Province. He was famous for his Chinese calligraphy and painting. At about 9 a.m. on July 25, 2005, he disappeared, and as of today, nobody knows his whereabouts.

Picture of Mr. Li Guangwei

At the end of 1998, Mr. Li contracted a serious illness, and he went everywhere to find a cure, but in vain. When his wife heard that Falun Gong has miraculous effects in healing illnesses, she tried to talk him into practicing it. Because he was very sick and couldn't walk, his wife helped him to get to the exercise site. Soon after he started practicing, his physical condition improved, and he could go to the exercise site and join Fa-study in a group by himself.

Soon, on July 20, 1999, the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners began. After police officers found out that he was doing the exercises at home, they ransacked his home, and confiscated his Dafa books and exercise tapes, and also took him away. During the Cultural Revolution, he was badly wounded, and therefore, he was extremely petrified. As a result, he had a relapse of his old illness. After he came home, he was very sad. He bought some ink and paper, and then began to write his cultivation experience sharing report. Practitioners all follow closely the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance", and try to be good and more noble people at different levels. He put his experience sharing report and truth-clarification materials regarding the lies fabricated by the Chinese media in the mail. He sent them to people who were not clear about the truth and also to his fellow painters. Because of that, he was monitored. He had mentioned to his family that some people were following him when he went out. Therefore, he stopped going out for a while.

On July 25, 2005, when he couldn't stand it anymore, he told his family members that he wanted to take a walk, and would come back shortly. However, four years have passed already, and he has never returned. His wife, daughter, and son went all over to look for him, and also reported his disappearance to their local police office. They have been to many police departments, and even the Mayor's office. However, everyone refused to help them for the simple reason that Mr. Li practices Falun Gong. Moreover, they even threatened his daughter by saying "be sure not to get yourself in trouble."

Now four years have passed and nobody knows whether Mr. Li is still alive or not, how much he has suffered, and his family members are even scared to think about that.

Hereby, we are calling on people with a conscience to safeguard justice, expose the truth to the world, and end this brutal persecution by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) as soon as possible!

Mr. Li Guangwei, had been granted the title of "World Famous Person for Calligraphy and Painting" by the International Artists' Association, World Calligraphy and Painting Association, Belgium World Culture Exchange Center, China Famous People for the Arts of Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute, and other institutions, 16 in total. His works have been selected for the second part of Volume V in China Contemporary Famous Artists, and a few other grand directories.