(Clearwisdom.net) I couldn't stop my tears when I recently re-read the article "Recalling Experiences with Master with Gratitude" by a fellow practitioner. With many articles that have been written in the past by fellow practitioners recalling their memories and experiences with Master, I couldn't stop my feeling of gratitude for Master's infinite mercy. I am constantly bathed in Teacher's compassion, and his voice has left a deep impression on me! Fortunately, I have had the honor to see venerable Teacher when I took part in the Singapore Experience Sharing Conference on August 21, 1998. Today I decided that even though my literacy level is limited, I am going to write about and share with fellow practitioners the precious memories I have about Teacher.

I started to practice Falun Gong in 1995. I wanted very much to see Teacher but didn't have the chance because Teacher had already left China. Somehow in my heart, I always felt I was predestined to see Teacher. So, when the opportunity arose to fly to Singapore to attend the conference, it was a chance to see Teacher, I was very excited!

Prior to departure, I told this good news to fellow practitioners in my study group. They were all very happy for me but at the same time, they were envious and asked me to say hello to Teacher on their behalf.

The conference in Singapore was held at an international conference center with more than 2,300 practitioners from all over the world. The conference center auditorium was properly decorated for the occasion. The conference started at 8:00 am on August 21. When the moderator announced that Teacher had arrived, the participants all stood up, applauded and looked for Teacher. Before the conference started, we were not sure if we would be able to see Teacher clearly because we were sitting close to the far-end side door. Unexpectedly, I saw Teacher enter into the room through the door where we sat. When Teacher walked into the room, there was a practitioner from Beijing with tears of excitement, and he cried out "Master!" and knelt to the floor. Teacher hastened back to the practitioner. Gently he lifted the practitioner's hands and with a cordial smile he said, "Hurry and stand up, and don't cry!" There were other practitioners from China who burst into tears and called, "Master, Master, we miss you!" Master smiled and told them, "I know, I know!" One senior practitioner in our group held her palms together in "Heshi" and burst into tears while watching Teacher pass by. Teacher smiled, stretched out his hands and gently patted her shoulders. She reacted like a child, cried and smiled at same time while clapping her hands in happiness. My mind was blank. I felt silly because all I did was hold my palms in the heshi position and watch Teacher. I couldn't think of anything to say. From my perspective, heshi in front of Teacher was to show my innermost respect for Teacher.

Together with many practitioners, Teacher strolled slowly toward the podium. When Teacher spoke, the entire room quieted down immediately. Teacher lectured on the Fa for about half an hour. He then let everyone sit quietly and listen to the experience sharing speeches by other practitioners. He said after the speeches that all practitioners need to look within to find shortcomings and gaps in our cultivation. Master said after the experience sharing that he would later lecture on the Fa and answer questions from practitioners.

In truth, I was too excited to listen to the experience sharing speeches. All I could think of was where Master was and how excited I was to see him.

On lunch break; our group ate some food that we had brought with us. After exchanging some experiences with practitioners from other regions, we decided to use the remaining time for doing the exercises. For a long period of time, I have experienced difficulty doing the second exercise, Falun Standing Stance. But that day, I felt the Falun Standing Stance was very easy and my mind was more peaceful. Suddenly I felt the crowd once again stirring, and nearby practitioners moving toward one direction. It was Master who came to see us practice! The scene was crowded and a bit chaotic.

I thought that it would be nice and pleasing for Teacher if everyone could exercise quietly and in the same direction. With this in mind, I stood still and continued the Falun Standing Stance exercise. A practitioner in our group got excited and said loudly, "We came all the way to see Master, why are you still there and not moving?" When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was the only one still standing there. I went down a passageway and saw Teacher surrounded by a crowd, and they were all walking toward me. I stood in front of Teacher and looked at his kind and serene face. Teacher was surrounded and being pushed this and that way by a big crowd of practitioners. Some practitioners gripped Teacher's hands and other used their camera to take pictures. I felt very bad at that moment, because the practitioners' conduct toward Teacher was not respectful. However, Teacher maintained his patience with a kind, smiling face. I took the opportunity and firmly fixed my eyes on Master's face when other practitioners were speaking to him. Master's face always shined with friendliness and respect. After watching him for a moment, I lowered my eyes. Perhaps I still have too much karma left in me, for I have had many chances to be close to Master but I missed the opportunities because I didn't have the courage to raise my eyes to meet the venerable Teacher's eyes. I regret till this day for not being able to express my greetings to Master at the conference!

The conference organizers arranged for some small groups to exchange experiences in separate rooms. Teacher also visited and participated with each group. I couldn't help but slip out of my group quietly and went around searching for Master. When I finally found the group Teacher was in, I squeezed in next to Master's side and felt so happy and content. I remember one practitioner tell Master that he was from Changchun. Master smiled and said, "Such a strong predestined relationship!" I remember Teacher also said that in mainland China, there are still many practitioners with strong predestined relationships that hadn't had the chance to see him yet.

After the conference ended, Master took turns having his picture taken with practitioners at their request. Master stood on a podium to direct more than two thousand participants into many smaller groups and coordinated with photographers to take the pictures. There was a female practitioner from Hong Kong who walked up to the podium holding a baby in her arms. Master took the baby and let the child sit on his lap. This is our great and merciful Master! He is such a simple, easy-going and sacred Teacher. Therefore, the venerable Master's every gesture and every word has been carved deeply into my mind. Later when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched its most evil persecution and defamation against Falun Dafa and Teacher, I never wavered in my firm belief in Dafa and in Master.

After the group photo was taken, practitioners were saying farewell to Master. I saw him reach out his hand and rest it in front of me. Quickly, I heshi'ed and gently held Master's warm hands in mine. Master repeatedly said to all the practitioners, "When you go home, don't forget to read and study the Fa often!" When Master got ready to leave, we were all sad to see him go. We waited on the roadside with our hands in heshi. Master rolled down the car window and waved to us as the car drove away slowly.

Eleven years have passed, but all these memories are still fresh in my mind. With nonstop evil persecution in the subsequent years, I really feel ashamed for Teacher's sacrifices to save me. I have been going through many ups and downs in my cultivation path, but still have many attachments to get rid of. However, deep down in my heart, I know that Master has never given up on this disciple. He is constantly looking after me, cleansing me and encouraging me to move forward when I fall. He lets me gradually mature under many years of tribulation. There won't be any insurmountable obstacles, for I will follow Teacher's footsteps home!

Fellow practitioners, let us cherish the precious little time that is left, do the three things right and honor our prehistoric vows!