(Clearwisdom.net) I continued to firmly believe in Falun Dafa after the evil persecution started in 1999. I was monitored through a phone tap for a long time, harassed, followed, and had my home ransacked. Once, I went to Beijing to speak out for justice for Falun Dafa, and I was arrested and taken back, detained, handcuffed and taken to the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp in Zizhong County, Sichuan Province. I am exposing the cruel torture practitioners have suffered in that camp.

Upon arrival, the guards stripped me of my clothes, body searched me, and cut my hair short. Two prisoners were assigned to be my personal watchers. I was not allowed to talk, look around, or close my eyes when I was forced to stand from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. the next day. If I closed my eyes due to fatigue, the two watchers would force my to open my eyes and beat me. My feet became swollen, and my back and legs were all very sore. I had to "report" before going to use the toilet and was forced go through brainwashing by listening to materials slandering Falun Dafa.

After one month, I was assigned to the Seventh Ward. Guards cursed Falun Dafa and practitioners every day and forced us to watch slanderous videos and read slanderous books/newspapers, write "Thought Reports," write words that cursed Dafa and Master, and stand facing the wall. If any of us disobeyed them, we would be tortured.

After August 2002, the guards started torturing us with "Military Training." They forced us to run under the baking sun, and if we did not cooperate, the guards would have several prisoners take turns dragging each practitioner to run. Ms. Zhu Xia, Ms. Wu Houyu, Ms.Han Jie, Ms. Wan Gufen, Ms. He Yumei, and Ms. Li Guixiang were dragged, and as a result their clothes and shoes were torn and their flesh festered from wounds.

Guards forced each practitioner to drink five to six big glasses of water each day, but they did not allow us to use the toilet. If any one urinated on the floor, the guards would dry the floor using our clothes and threw the clothes away.

Guards also instructed prisoners to drag practitioners to a small cell and tie our legs in the double lotus position for a long time. Ms. Zhang Xiaoying was tied up like this 20 hours, causing a large wound on her leg to fester and take a long time to heal. Ms. He Yumei was tied up for 24 hours. Ms. Zhu Huiqun, Ms. Li Fenyu, and Ms. Shen Jun were tied up then beaten, kicked, and not allowed to use the toilet. Ms. Li Guixiang and Ms. Wang Hongxia were both tied up in the lotus position for a long time.

Ms. Shuai Huilan declared that she wanted to firmly cultivate Falun Dafa before her term ended. Prisoners and collaborators rushed to stripped off her pants and beat her.

Guards Zhang Chaoqun and Hao Xiaodong often beat Ms. Zhu Huiqun in a small cell, and we could all hear her screaming. Guards also beat Ms. Wang Jia, Ms. Li Anying, Ms. Tan Jinhui, Ms. Deng Suzhong, Ms. Yan Baoping, Ms. Du Jianguo, Ms. Zhong Shuirong, Ms. He Yumei, Ms. Zhang Suqing, Ms. Sehn Jun, Ms. Li Guixiang, Ms. Fu Tianlu, Ms. Shuai Huilan, Ms. Ai Kexiu, and Ms. Yue Liyong. Guards cuffed Ms. Ai Kexiu, Ms. Zhu Xia, Ms. He Yumei, and Ms. Yue Liyong to trees. Ms. Zhang Weihong frequently stepped forward to validate the Fa with words and actions. She was often cuffed.

The guards did not allow us speak. Some practitioners could not speak or make any sound after being tortured. Ms. Fu Tianlu once could not breathe for more than ten minutes and was later resuscitated. Ms. Zhu Yinfang was tortured to death (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/6/7/36631.html). Ms. Jiang Yujie was also brutally tortured. Ms. Mao Kun could not walk due to being tortured. She was released after going on hunger strike for several months. Under cruel torture, Ms. Ma Qingchun, Ms. Gao Yan, and Ms. Han Jie suffered nervous breakdowns.

The guards force-fed Ms. Zhong Shuirong, Ms. Liu Jian, Ms. Wu Houyu, and me when we went on hunger strike. They knocked out Ms. Zhong Shuirong's two front teeth. It took me a long time to catch my breath after they force-fed me.