(Clearwisdom.net) The following are accounts regarding the persecution of practitioners from the Fuping District of Baoding City, Hebei Province.

During the years 1999-2008, personnel from the Fuping Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have extorted money from practitioners totaling 1,275,298 yuan in this area. One practitioner was sentenced to 4 years in prison; 23 practitioners were sent to forced labor camps 28 times; 147 practitioners were detained 250 times; ten practitioners were sent to brainwashing sessions; 102 practitioners' homes were ransacked 182 times; 16 practitioners were forced to leave their homes; 215 practitioners were harassed by the CCP personnel 1,259 times; two practitioners' salaries were stopped; and one practitioner was fired. The fired practitioner, Zhang Xiuzhong, is currently being detained at Yidong Prison, where he is undergoing persecution. Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Xianwen have been forced to stay away from their home since November 2005.

Personal possessions that were stolen by police include six computers, one television set, five printers, six copy machines, eighteen recorders, six MP3/MP4 players, two electronic books, eleven satellite dish receivers, 693 Dafa books, six VCD/DVD players, six sets of Falun Gong Lecture CDs, 44 tapes, 27 photos of Master Li, 1354 copies of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party", three 301 copies of "Jiang Zemin," two cars (one has been returned) worth 89,030 yuan, 3 motorcycles, 2 incense burners, five bags of candles, two hand-held electronic lights, four personal identification cards, and other items.

The work units and personnel involved in the persecution range from the district level committees, government offices, the Political and Justice Committee, police departments, inspectors, the courts, the "610 Offices," even the village level agencies, committees, and residential associations. The entire Chinese government is actively involved in the persecution at every level. Known persons who were involved with persecuting practitioners include: Fan Yonglu, Meng Xiangwei, Yan Liming, Qi Guiliang, Zhuang Chunlai, Zhou Qiulai, Li Keqiang, Di Xueyong, Liu Shenghe, Li Xinpo, Ma Baozhong, Qin Jie, Wang Shunhai, Wang Yimin, Huo Xiangyu, Zhang Jinhui, Fan Zhenhua, Guo Jinzhen, Lv Liang, Han Leimei, Zhang Guoli, Jia Mingjun, Zhu Bin, Yang Shujun, Yang Jinhui, An Jun, Chen Lei, Wang Mengjie, Zhao Yulin, Zhang Zhanhong, Zhao Xiangdang, Liu Zhihua, Li Junying, Han Baohua, Deng Shuhong, Qi Xiaomei, Zheng Jianlin, Li Yingzhi, Bei Xiuhai, Wang Ping, and Jia Jianfeng.

The methods of persecution and torture include the following: victims were tied with ropes for more than two hours (this used to be the way that death row prisoners were sent to execution sites), the rope would be tied so tightly that it would cut into the body, causing nerve damage to the arms and joints, resulting in temporary paralysis for as long as a month. Some practitioners were dragged behind a car along the ground, with their clothing being ripped apart. Many practitioners were tied to a Death Bed with their arms and legs fixed in a spread eagle position for several days and nights. Some were tortured to the point of losing consciousness. Some were kept handcuffed and shackled for more than ten days. The handcuffs and shackles cut deeply into their flesh. Some were pinched with pliers; some were beaten with bamboo sticks; others were slammed to the ground on their faces. Some practitioners were beaten so severely that their entire bodies were covered with bruises. Some were cuffed behind a car to be exposed to car's exhaust while the engine was started; some were kept outside to be burned by the sun; Others were kept locked in cages. Some were beaten with leather shoes, and some were beaten so hard that their breasts bled, while some were beaten in such a way that they lost control of their bladders. Some practitioners were marched through the public streets for humiliation. Others were forced to leave their homes for years; some were beaten on the face so hard that they lost their teeth; while some of the elderly women in their 70s and 80s were slapped on their faces and sworn at; some were tied up with ropes and were paraded to the public this way. Some police broke into their homes using master keys in the middle of the night and snatched sleeping practitioners right out of their beds. Some were shocked with electric batons; some were burned with cigarettes; others were beaten with fists and trampled with feet; some were force-fed; and some were force-fed with unknown drugs, causing them to lose consciousness and leading to deterioration of their physical condition.