(Clearwisdom.net) The Guiyang City Brainwashing Camp is located in Mud Ditch, Guiyang City suburb, Guizhou Province. It is also called the Mud Ditch Brainwashing Camp. For many years now, many Guiyang City practitioners have been persecuted here.

The Guiyang City 610 Office imprisons practitioners in the camp. Even practitioners in their 70's and 80's are not spared. The 610 Office pursues and arrests practitioners who try to leave town in order to flee arrest. They cheat practitioners who are retired and want to move out of town by saying that there is paperwork which requires their presence in the office. If the practitioner sees through the lies, the office issues a directive to the police department for their arrest.

The Mud Ditch Brainwashing Camp has a two-story building which is used specifically for its isolation cells. Male practitioners are confined in the cells on the first floor while female practitioners are confined in the cells on the second floor. Practitioners are locked up separately in the cells with two personal monitors. The lights are on 24 hours a day. The peephole viewers are installed backwards, allowing the male guards to watch everything that female practitioners do.

Once a practitioner enters the camp, he loses all of his freedom. He is followed by his personal monitors even when he uses the bathroom. The personal monitors and thugs who are hired by the 610 Office force practitioners to watch videos or write statements which defame Falun Dafa. The monitors and thugs may punish and humiliate practitioners at will. Some practitioners have been imprisoned in the camp for several years. Their family can only visit them after they get written approval from the 610 Office.

The 610 Office funds the camp by collecting 6,000 yuan per imprisoned practitioner per month from the practitioners' employers. At first, the practitioner's management might not be willing to take the practitioners to the camp, but later, they cave in after the 610 Office threatens their rank and jobs.