(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liu Nailun, 40, lives in Xijiepai Village of Jiepai Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province. He was an employee at the Mengyin County Production Materials Company.

After starting to practice Falun Gong on February 18, 1997, he began to live a brand new life. Mr. Liu was a conscientious worker and enjoyed a very good relationship with his colleagues. His family life also became happier.

Liu's life was turned upside down in July 1999, when the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) launched a brutal crackdown on Falun Gong. His company detained him unlawfully for nearly six months, and County Detention Center officials incarcerated him for three months. The County 610 Office agents detained him in brainwashing centers twice, four months in all. He eventually served three years in a forced labor camp, followed by a four-year prison sentence. His wife was forced to divorce him.

Liu Nailun went to Beijing on July 21, 1999 to appeal for Falun Gong. The next day at 11:00 a.m., police arrested him and sent him to the Fengtai Stadium. He was eventually escorted back to his hometown of Mengyin. His company's security chief, Chu Shugang, put him in a company-run detention house and pressured him to denounce Falun Gong.

On January 29, 2000 Liu Nailun went to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested on Chinese New Year's Day. One of the company managers named Song Zengyuan took him back, but company security officials detained him for 11 days. On February 16, 2000, Mengyin County police officers took him to the County Detention Center, where he was detained for one month. More than 40 other practitioners were detained there at the same time. Their daily food ration was a tiny amount of corn bread. They had to make match-boxes as a part of their detention.

He returned home a month later, unemployed. In order to make a living, Mr. Liu sold cold drinks and other small goods. Before long, manager Song Zengyuan and security chief Chu Shugang locked him into a small room for two months, next to the company's canteen. The door and windows were modified, turning the room into a make-shift jail cell. They assigned Yan Qingbin to serve as a jail guard. Mr. Liu Nailun's daily allowance for food was merely one yuan (equivalent to 13 cents in US$), just enough to buy six small buns to keep him alive. During the following two months, guards came to harass him and family members also gave him a hard time. He suffered physical and mental torment. Two months later he was assigned to work in the Mengyin Department Store as a security guard for two months without pay.

Tortured in the 610 Office-Sponsored Brainwashing Session and Subjected to Forced Labor

On June 30, 2000, policeman Zhang Qingshan forced Liu to enter a "610 Office"-sponsored brainwashing camp, where many other practitioners were already locked up. Some of these other practitioners included:

From Mengyin County: Gong Huadong, Liu Wenai, Wang Xiangying, Yu Zaihua, Feng Guangyun, Liu Zhaolian, Zhang Aijun, Liu Yuanjie, Li Dabo, Wang Huaning, Kan Jibao, Li Xiangqian

From Linyi City: Li Ailing, Zheng Jinyan (employed at a hydraulic equipment company), Hu Junyun (employed at a local winery), Ma Xingyuan (employed at Linyi Cable TV), Zhang Jiarong (employed at a price monitoring agency)

The first 610 Office brainwashing session ended on August 15, forty-five days after it began.

Officers in the 610 Office came from different companies. The office also employed about 30 thugs to torture practitioners. They assigned five people to watch and harass each practitioner. County political and legal committee head Li Zhiye, county 610 Office people Lei Yancheng, Xing Xianying, Fang Simin and Hu Changhong often held meetings to discuss strategies to attack and brainwash practitioners.

Practitioners were locked in solitary confinement cells and frequently physically assaulted. Each cell had a toilet bucket, a hay mattress, a pot for washing one's face, a rice bowl, and nothing else. The practitioners were confined in the cells for extended periods. They were forbidden to read and had no one to speak to and were only permitted four to five hours of sleep each day. A thug once said, "If I were detained here, I would have gone insane by now."

Practitioners had to attend "classes" for psychological torment. During those sessions, the 610 Office people read slanderous documents and compelled practitioners to watch slanderous videos. They also ordered practitioners to take notes. Anyone refusing to comply was kicked and slapped in the face. They deliberately sent practitioners outside during the hot summer to get sunburned.

Liu Nailun was repeatedly tortured with all kinds of methods. The thugs jumped up and kicked him as if he were a punching bag. He was handcuffed behind his back and had his face slapped. He was also forced to remain standing for a long time while facing a wall.

Liu Nailun had diarrhea one night. 610 Office agent Fang Simin led six thugs to Liu's room and hit Liu Nailun's buttocks with a metal pipe. The pain was excruciating. The thugs then rushed to Zhang Aijun's room next. That evening, most male practitioners were hit with metal pipes.

Even after the brainwashing session was over and Liu Nailun returned home, CCP personnel in the Production Materials Company did not stop their harassment.

In November 2000, on his way home from an out-of-town job, police once again arrested Liu Nailun and sent him to the brainwashing camp.

Fang Simin, a 610 Office staff member, and several thugs tortured him for more than 20 days for three hours each day. In the freezing winter weather, Lei Yancheng and Fang Simin took Liu Nailun to the west courtyard and handcuffed him to a metal ring on the concrete floor. Wearing a thin coat, he was forced to squat or sit on the cold and damp ground. The handcuffs cut into his wrists. The thugs also whipped his hands with bamboo branches. Sometimes, when he was handcuffed behind his back, thugs punched and kicked him. The brainwashing and torture went on until January 2001. At that point, he was transferred to a detention center, where he began a hunger strike in protest.

On the fifth day, the captors rushed him to the county Chinese Medicine Hospital, where he was subjected to nasal force-feeding, a violent and dangerous procedure. When the feeding tube was removed, it was covered in blood. Detention center head Sun Kehai ordered guards to chain his hands and feet to a Death Bed. Liu Nailun returned home a month later, but the County 610 Office then decided to send him to a labor camp for three years.

In February 2001, Liu Nailun met Production Materials Company driver Mr. Zhao during an effort to clarify the facts about the persecution. Mr. Zhao reported this encounter to Chu Shugang, who was recently promoted to company general manager. Chu and his son personally rushed to the site, arrested Liu Nailun, and took him to the Yedian Town Police Station. He was eventually transferred to the suburban Mengyin No. 2 Police Station. On March 23, 2001, following a one-month detention, police subjected him to three years of forced labor. The police told him, "Your wife wants to divorce you." Prior to that the police often made threats, "We will destroy your family."

While in the labor camp, Liu Nailun was forced to sit still on a hard stool and told not to move for an extended time. He was also forced to do hard labor for the labor camp's profit. Having endured nearly two years of psychological abuse and physical torture at the Shandong No. 2 Forced Labor Camp in Wangcun, Mr. Liu was released on January 29, 2003.

Abused and Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

In 2004, Liu Nailun went to Linyi City's Hedong District to find work. On October 23, while distributing Falun Gong materials in Panjiahu Village in Fenghuangling Town, he was arrested along with Yang Lifen, Chu Yanqi, Sun Qinghong and Song Youfen. The officials took them to the local police station and chained them together to a metal pipe with three pairs of handcuffs.

After the local police reported the incident to Hedong Police Department officials, they escorted the practitioners to Linyi Detention Center in the middle of the night on October 24, 2004. Detention center guards complained about the late hour and refused to take them in. Hedong Police Department Deputy Head Gong insisted, and the detention center finally admitted Liu Nailun at 5:00 a.m. At dawn, an inmate charged with manslaughter punched Liu's chest, doubling him over. The inmates later poured cold water over him. Another time, guard Ma Jianmin whipped Liu Nailun's buttocks with a rubber club, bruising him severely. The same person told criminal inmates to torture Liu behind closed doors and boasted, "I am not afraid if you sue me. It's useless to sue me anywhere."

During interrogations, police ordered him to squat or locked him into a metal chair. The police also ransacked his home when no one was there, confiscating Falun Gong books, materials and a bank deposit card.

While at the Linyi Detention Center, Liu Nailun was forced to do hard labor. He did not have enough to eat. The cell was so crowded that he could only sleep on his side and not turn over. The guards conducted daily body searches.

Although Liu Nailun never admitted to any wrongdoing, he was still sentenced to four years in prison. During his trial, Hedong District prosecutor Xu Shangqin fabricated some charges. When he handed Liu the document, he tore it into pieces. A judge asked him to explain what persecution he was talking about. He raised his handcuffs and said, "This is persecution."

Liu Nailun spoke in his own defense and declared himself not guilty. He also questioned why his family members were not present. The judges did not reply. Later on, the Linyi Intermediate court held a second trial at the Linyi Detention Center. After nine months at the Linyi Detention, he was sent to Taian Prison to serve a four- year sentence.

Four Years of Life in Prison Could not Change His Belief

On August 10, 2005, Liu Nailun was sent to the Taian Prison's Fifth Ward. Three criminals monitored him in a management group, where criminal inmates watch and isolate practitioners. Under orders from the guards, the three criminals forced Liu to sit on a hard plastic board for an extended time, and he was forbidden any break before 11:00 p.m. It became commonplace for the inmates to abuse Liu Nailun.

One day the inmates ordered Liu Nailun to watch a slanderous video program. Liu turned off the CD player and removed a slandering poster. For that guard Liu Xinrong and political head Gao Lingshan sent him to an intensive torture session, where Song Zhenhua, Cheng Fengxi, Ma Xinnian, Yang Yong and four other criminals hit him violently day and night. Guard Gao Lingshan told manslaughter criminal Yang Yong to assault him for an extended time. Yang punched him in the chest. Criminal Song Zhenhua said, "Let's prepare rags and dirty socks to jam in his mouth if he makes noise." The torture lasted several days.

Liu Nailun did not give up his belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance during his four-year prison term and returned home with his head held high. He lost all of his possessions. He has found a menial job and lives a hard life.