(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Su Zhifeng, 49, lived in Qingchun, Chengxiang Township in Suining County, Jiangsu Province. Because she clarified the truth to people in the early years of the persecution, the Domestic Security Division Leader Xu Jun targeted her for arrest, vowing to arrest her "at any cost." Thus, to avoid arrest, she had to leave town and survive on the wages of temporary labor. Xu then arrested and detained her mother, who was over 60 years old.

On August 16, 2004, Domestic Security agents arrested Ms. Su while she was working in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. They sentenced her and her mother each to three years in prison in the Nanjing City Women's Prison. Ms. Su was severely tortured there. The second time her family visited her, she could not walk or talk, even though she had been very healthy before the arrest.

After being released in 2007, she was very ill and weak. Officers from the Suining County Domestic Security Division, police department, and 610 Office constantly harassed and threatened her at home, causing her condition to worsen. She became bedridden, and her whole body was swollen. She died on May 7, 2009.

In 2008, Ms. Wu Di was tortured to death. She had previously suffered a mental collapse as a result of being brutally tortured in the Nanjing City Women's Prison. Currently, Ms. Yao Fengjuan is detained there with a four-year term. Please help rescue her!

Wang Tianqi, Suining County CCP Secretary, 86-516-88388900 (Office), 86-13815345678 (Cell)
Yang Xiaoming, CCP Suining County Political & Judiciary Committee Secretary, 86-516-88389956 (Office), 86-13905221381 (Cell)
Lan Yue, Suining County Police Department CCP Vice Secretary, 86-516-88331804-6002 (Office), 86-13905221878 (Cell)
Zhang Shujun, Suining County Police Department Deputy Director and 610 Office Chair, 86-516-88331804-6003 (Office), 86-13905221938 (Cell)
Fu Shichun, CCP Suining County Discipline Committee Secretary, 86-516-88331804-6008 (Office), 86-13905221695 (Cell)

Chen Yingbo, Suining County Court Director, 86-516-88307001 (Office), 86-13952181966 (Cell)
Wei Qun, CCP Suining County Legal Justice Bureau Director, 86-516-88340676 (Office), 86-13905221018 (Cell)