(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Lei Xinlian, 58 years old, is a resident of Baishi Township in Guang'an County, Sichuan Province. On the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, the persecution of her by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was reported under either of the following names: Ms. Lei Xinglian or Lei Xinlian. Below is a summary of her suffering under the CCP regime.

Ms. Lei's husband is Wang Jiafu, 72 years old, a retired teacher from the Baishi Township No.1 Junior High School. Mr. Wang had developed severe tuberculosis when he was young and was on medication for years. He was on the verge of death a few times. Ms. Lei did not have a permanent job, and both of them led a difficult life. In 1996, their only son died while working in another province. This was very tough for the elderly couple.

In 1997, they began to practice Falun Dafa, lived by the principles Truth-Compassion-Forbearance and tried to be good people. As a result, their morality level kept rising and Mr. Wang was miraculously cured. Falun Dafa helped them understand the karmic relationship in one's life. This helped them to gradually let go of the pain of losing their only son.

Unfortunately, a few days after the persecution began in 1999, Guang'an City 610 Office staff and Baishi Township CCP authority ransacked their home, and arrested and detained them in a detention center. They tried to forced the couple to confess to wrongdoing by torturing them. They ordered them to write a Guarantee Statement not to practice Falun Gong. The couple refused.

In 2000, Ms. Lei went to Beijing to appeal to the government for the right to practice Falun Gong. She was arrested and taken back to Sichuan Province. She was detained at the Qu County Detention Center and Guan'an Detention Center, and then transferred to the Yuchi Detention Center, where she was tortured for a few months. Mr. Wang was also arrested on his way to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. After both were released, they were not allowed to go home, but detained at the Bai City Detention Center.

From 2000 to 2001, after being harassed, tortured and detained by the CCP authorities, they became homeless to escape further persecution by the former secretary of the CCP Committee in Baishi Township Wu Jianping and police officer Jiang Yufeng. Former principal of Bai City Junior High School Liu Wenzhong confiscated Mr. Wang's pension and used the money to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. At one time, when the officials heard that this couple was at Mr. Wang's brother's home in Chongqing City, Jiang Yuping of the Baizhen Township Police Station, former associate secretary of the CCP Committee in Baishi Township You Jianzhong and a few other people broke into the home brandishing guns. They didn't find the couple, so they threatened Mr. Wang's brother, who is over 70 years old, and demanded that he tell them where the couple could be found.

In July 2001, Ms. Lei was taken by Guang'an County police officers to the Zizhong Nanmusi Women's Prison in Sichuan for a two-year prison term. There, she was forced to kneel down for a long time, deprived of sleep, had her face slapped and was beaten. Mr. Wang was again homeless.

In 2003, after Ms. Lei was released, she returned to her home in Baishi Township. The couple went to talk to Zeng Ping, CCP Committee Secretary, and Zhou Shihua, Political and Juridical Committee Secretary, to ask for the return of his salary. The officials refused, and they conspired with people from the Guang'an Domestic Security Brigade, 610 Office and Shisun Police Station against the couple. One day in December 2003, they ransacked the couple's home again and arrested Ms. Lei. Mr. Wang was not at home, so he again became homeless to avoid further persecution.

In early 2004, Ms. Lei was taken to Zizhong Nanmusi Women's Prison. However, she was diagnosed with severe diabetes during the pre-acceptance medical check up. The prison refused to accept her, so she was taken back to Guang'an Township. She was not released, but instead taken to the Huajin Brainwashing Center for detention, and not released until the end of August 2004.

In May 2005, when Ms. Lei looked for the principal of the Baishi Junior High School He Cheng and Yang Degao, CCP Committee secretary in Baishi Township to ask for her husband's salary, they attempted to arrest her again. With some kind people's help, Ms. Lei escaped, but became homeless.

In June 2008, officials from the Guang'an Domestic Security Brigade and Chengbei Police Station arrested Ms. Lei and other practitioners at a rural wedding. After Ms. Lei was detained at Guang'an Detention Center for over a month, she was taken to Yili in Xinjiang before the Beijing Olympics. She was given an eight-year sentence by Yili Court and detained at the No. 9 Ward in Urumqi Women's Prison. It was learned that Ms. Lei has again come down with severe diabetes symptoms.

Since July 20, 1999 and up to now, Ms. Lei's home has been ransacked frequently for two years and she was detained for a total of five years. She was homeless for about four and a half years. Her husband was detained for two months, and was homeless for nine years. His pension has been confiscated and given to CCP officials for nine years.

The couple has been persecuted for 10 years, their retirement income has been stolen, and despite their advanced age they are homeless.