(Clearwisdom.net) When I first learned about Falun Dafa, I felt Dafa's broadness, sacredness, and Teacher's compassion deeply in my heart. I was persistent in reading the Fa and doing the exercises daily. Even while walking on the street, I would recite poems from Hong Yin, and I was able to memorize them very well almost immediately. I always felt relaxed and full of energy, and smiled at people I met, since I was truly happy with a joyful heart.

After July 20, 1999, the slander and false accusations about Dafa by the Chinese Communist party (CCP) caused many people to believe their lies and to oppose Dafa. With an unshakable trust in Teacher and Dafa, we have endured a very difficult period of time. As I continued to study the Fa, I understood more and more of the profound connotations in Dafa, I started to tell people at work how great Dafa is, and that Dafa was being slandered by the CCP. At that time, my colleagues all understood, and nobody wanted to report us. Under the protection of my company's managers, our names were not given to the 610 Office. During that period of time, in order to help more people learn about the truth, we distributed a lot of truth-clarification materials. With our strong righteous thoughts and trust in Teacher and Dafa, things went smoothly. Even when we encountered dangerous situations, with Teacher's protection, we made it through safely, and there were many miracles that happened to us.

But the cultivation path is not smooth, and troubles originating from within my family have always been difficult to overcome. My parents were poisoned by the lies from the CCP, and they would not let me study the Fa or do the exercises. If I refused to listen to them, they would get very angry. I never lost my temper, no matter how much I felt wronged. I always endured them. Whenever opportunities arose, I would tell them how glorious and sacred Dafa is, Dafa's broad and profound content and the meaning of cultivation practice. Gradually, they stopped interfering with my Dafa practice, but they would still keep a close watch on me. I made up my mind to continue to do the three things that a practitioner should do.

My parents are getting older, and their health is also getting worse, so gradually, the burden of taking care of the family all fell on my shoulders. At the beginning, I felt unsettled in my heart; I was not happy that I not only had to take care of them alone daily, but also had to spend a lot of money to do so, while none of my sisters provided any physical or financial help. For some time, I was always thinking about talking to my sisters about this issue, but I didn't say a word. I shared my thoughts with fellow practitioners on this issue; some said that my sisters had the capability to take care of them, and that I didn't need to do anything for them. Others said that as practitioners, we should be kind and merciful to everyone, not to mention our own parents. From studying the Fa, I thought that the latter advices was consistent with the Fa. Since then, I've corrected my thoughts, and arranged my time wisely. I have been able to do the three things well, and at the same time, have taken good care of my parents. I now realize that money is not important, and that I shouldn't be so attached to it. I constantly remind myself that I am a practitioner, and restrict myself according to the standards of a cultivator. My parents see that I am a good person, and they know that I am good only because I have practiced Falun Dafa.

Due to my words and actions, my parents agreed to quit the CCP, Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneer organizations. They also helped me to persuade my sisters to quit.

Though I am very busy, in addition to doing the three things well, I also do my best to take good care of my parents. I understand that as a practitioner, I should cultivate to become a selfless, altruistic and righteous enlightened being.

I will strive to do the three things even better and save more people. I will try to balance the relationship of my cultivation practice and my family responsibilties better in the future.