(Clearwisdom.net) The No. 3 Division of the No.1 Forced Labor Camp in Masanjia, established on September 29, 2008, was designed specifically for persecuting male Falun Gong practitioners. It is said that there are three such camps in Liaoning Province. The other two are the Dalian Forced Labor Camp and the Benxi Forced Labor Camp. When No. 3 Division was first built, practitioners were transferred to that location from the No. 1 and No. 2 Forced Labor Camps of Masanjia to be "transformed" by force. Eventually more practitioners were transferred in from Jinzhou, Fushun, Anshan, Yingkou, and Huludao, and it now holds 102 practitioners. The camp's goal of a 100% "reform" rate means those in charge will resort to any tactic, however evil, so that they can completely "reform" the practitioners.

1. 800,000-volt Electric Batons

Mr. Luo Chungui, a 55-year-old practitioner, shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" while he was being tortured. The guards used electric batons on his mouth. Within half an hour his mouth was swollen and all his teeth were loosened. That was not enough. The guards continued to shock his face and neck for over two hours. Mr. Luo still refused to be "reformed." The guards then forced him to stand with both hands handcuffed to the metal headboard of an upper bunk bed for three days. He could only rely on infusion because he could not eat anything. Three days later he could barely manage to consume porridge. His mouth was swollen for a month. Even now the color of his face, mouth and neck is still black.

Sixty-year-old Mr. Zhao Liankai also underwent electric baton shock. His mouth was swollen.

Mr. Yu Ming was tortured for his participation in an escape attempt on August 11, 2008. Once transferred to the No. 2 Division of the No. 1 Labor Camp, he was beaten and kicked and shocked with electric batons. He then was tied to a metal hallway door for several days. When in the No. 3 Division, guards shocked him with electric batons in the guard office for 20 minutes. Then he was dragged to the front of the cell and shocked again. The guards forced him to admit to "mistakes." Later on, the guards made him crawl on the floor and shocked him from behind. He crawled on the 40-meter-long hallway floor from one end to the other, passing by seven cells. The guards followed him to shock him and then compelled him to crawl back...

Mr. Han Ximin was grossly abused by Production Team Leader Gao Hongchang prior to the establishment of No. 3 Division. Gao Hongchang shocked him with electric batons and forced him to work, although Mr. Han had a high fever for several days. Mr. Han was eventually diagnosed with pneumonia and had to pay 1,800 yuan in a clinic. (His family had mailed in 2,000 yuan right before that).

Six guards shocked Mr. Zheng Xujun, holder of a PhD from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with electric batons for over an hour. Guard Li Meng then shocked him individually. Afterwards, Mr. Zheng was made to stand in the hall facing a wall. Other than eating or going to the bathroom, he had to stand all day and was forbidden to leave until midnight. He was compelled to get up at 5:20 a.m. and continue to stand the next day. This lasted for a week.

Electric shocks caused Mr. Sun Shuzhen's mental disorder. Others who were shocked included Mr. Deng Changquan, Meng Xianwu, and Zhao Jian.

2. "Stretching Torture"

Mr. Cai Chao, 22 years old, was tied down and tortured on a "stretching bed." Mr. Cai had to stand by the headboard of a metal bunk bed facing the bed. His feet were tied to a beam 20 cm above the floor on one end of the bed. His thighs were against the headboard. His upper body was at a 90-degree angle, and he was handcuffed. A rope pulled the handcuffs toward the other end of the bunk bed, and then the rope was tied to the beam of the upper bed at the other end. The guards would watch the time as well as feel Mr. Cai's hands. If his hands became very cold, the guard would loosen the restraints (because when the hands are cold, there is less pain or the body becomes numb to the pain). Ten minutes later the guards would stretch him again. In the process guards also shocked his neck, hands, stomach, and back. They also stepped on the rope between the bed and his hands to increase the tension of the rope, thus increasing the pain. He was tortured three times (having the rope loosened and stretched again) for a total of about five hours. When Mr. Cai was let down, he could no longer raise his arms or stand straight up. It took him a month and a half to barely recover.

Mr. Li Hailong was also tortured on the stretching bed for three and a half hours. Two-and-a-half months later he still could not walk normally, his legs were very weak, and he could not bend his toes.

Other practitioners tortured on stretching bed were Mr. Xiao Zhongmin and Sun Hongkai. Mr. Xiao's hands are now weak, numb, and cold. The little finger on his right hand has no feeling. While torturing Mr. Sun Hongkai, the guards used a wooden stick to bend his knees backwards.

3. More Cruel Torture

Mr. Cui Dejun was tortured even worse. Beginning at 5:00 p.m. he was tied on the stretching bed for over two hours, but he still did not give up his belief. The guards then forced him to stand with his back against the bed and his hands tied to both ends of the upper bed, in a cross-standing posture. His feet were tied together. He was closely monitored and not allowed to doze off. The next morning, section head Jing Hongbo recorded words cursing Dafa and Master on an MP3 player, turned the volume to the maximum, and had guard Jin Shan put a headset on Mr. Cui. They also shocked him with electric batons.

Mr. Cui's sleep deprivation lasted three days. He eventually started having hallucinations, hearing and seeing things not there, and his mind was affected. When he was let down after three days of this, he fell to the floor and could not stand up after three tries-he could not control his hands and feet at all.

The guards noticed he could not stand up, so they tied him onto the death bed. When he was finally able to stand up the fourth day, the guards resumed torturing him. He was made to stand on his left leg facing the bed and had to put his right leg on the edge of the upper bunk bed, so his legs were split apart. His hands were tied to either end of the bed, so he was stretched. After one and a half hours, they had him change leg positions and tortured him for another hour plus. Afterwards, his left leg could no longer support him. After a ten-minute break, the guards told some criminal inmates to split his legs and step on them, making him feel the splitting pain again from his numbed legs, which was more painful than the above-mentioned torture. Then they had him sit with his back against the bed and his hands pulled behind him and then pulled him up to the edge of the other side of the upper bed. His legs were split apart with his left toes pointing up and his right toes pointing down, then they tied his legs to the legs of the lower bed.

Guard Wang Hangyu then put an ashtray in front of Mr. Cui and lit some cigarette butts, left-over pipe tobacco, and paper right in front of his face so that his eyes watered. He also played the MP3 with curse words and shocked Mr. Cui with electric batons. After about an hour, Mr. Cui was let down, and the criminal inmates were told to hold his legs and step on them. The same torture was repeated with his right toes pointing up and his left toes pointing down. Because his upper body and hands were pulled up and stretched backwards, he couldn't move his upper body at all, so his backbone was twisted and his legs and feet were black and blue. After about an hour, he was let down and the criminals continued to hold and step on his legs. If the victim being subjected to this torture didn't give in at this point, the torture would continue. In Mr. Cui's case they did it over and over again-from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. The outrageous abuse started again in the morning and torture lasted for eight days.

After nearly a month Mr. Cui Dejun's legs were still swollen, and he still could not walk normally. Those in charge were dissatisfied with Mr. Cui's answers during the year-end "evaluation," so they resumed torturing him on the stretching bed and with electric batons. Mr. Cui was deprived of sleep for six days. He was tortured a total of 16 days.

Mr. Sun Yi also suffered from the stretching torture and electric batons. He stood for over two months prior to the Chinese New Year. His legs were swollen and he was extremely weak. Even after he was reduced to skin and bones, the gross mistreatment and abuse continued.

These are only a few cases that I know of. The cruelty that takes place in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is far beyond people's imagination. The Communist Party perpetrators there made an oath ledger at the labor camp, and forced everyone to swear the oath and sign it. They also had so-called "exams." Anyone who did not meet their requirements was tortured. At first, the victims were forced to walk on the drill ground with guards carrying electric batons and watching them. If they did not follow an order, the guards would shock them.

The guard leaders are Gao Hongchang, Jing Hongbo, and Yu Jiang. Guards Wang Hanyu, Jin Shan, Su Jufeng, and Li Meng are the hatchet men. Wang Yanmin often comes up with cruel ideas. He often shouted, "There are two death quotas here. Whoever would like to have one, I can give it to him!"

Guards in No. 3 Division of No.1 Forced Labor Camp of Masanjia:
Division Head in charge Gao Hongchang, Police ID: 2108123. After the New Year's Day, the Division Head was changed to Jing Hongbo, Police ID: 2108085
Division Head Yu Jiang, Police ID: 2108213
Production Head Wang Changwei
Logistics Officer Jin Shan
Learning Officer Liu Jun
General Medical Officer Tu Yupeng
Wang Hanyu, Police ID: 2108598
Wang Yanmin, Police ID
Su Jufeng, Police ID: 2108597
Zhi Shunchang, Wang Xue, Li Meng, Zhang Liuchen, Jiang Zhen. After the New Year's Day, Guo and Na were transferred.