(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Chen Shufen, 47, is a resident of Nanbaisha Village, Boye County in Hebei Province. Ms. Chen and her husband, Huo Shimin were arrested and brutally tortured during an interrogation by police because they interrupted TV programming to broadcast Falun Dafa information on August, 2002. Ms. Chen was illegally sentenced to nine years in prison and Mr. Huo to three years of forced labor. Ms. Chen is currently being detained in the Second Women's Prison in Luquan City, Hebei Province and is denied family visitation.

On August 8, 2002, as an attempt to stop the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from poisoning people's minds with lies, Ms. Chen and fellow practitioners interrupted TV programming to broadcast Falun Dafa truth-clarification information. The CCP's National Security Office panicked and ordered police in Baoding City to hunt down Chen and capture her or lose their jobs..

At 12 a.m. on October 20, 2002, police from the Boye Town police station and County Public Security Bureau jumped over a wall and broke into Ms. Chen's home. Ms. Chen's 16 years old son, Huo Lei, was in bed asleep when the police grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to a police car. They brutally tortured him to find out where his parents were.

After Ms. Chen's son gave the directions to where his parents were staying, at 2:00 a.m., ten policemen driving three cars drove to a place in a village in Anping County, Hebei Province where Ms. Chen lived. The police illegally arrested them, not allowing Ms. Chen or her husband, Mr. Huo to put on their jackets or shoes. Ms. Chen and Mr. Huo were taken to the Boye Public Security Bureau where they were detained and beaten with wooden sticks to the point of deep bruising from hips to thighs. It remains unclear the cruel treatment Ms. Chen has been enduring because, according to Ms. Chen's sister-in-law, the prison officials have not allowed any family members to visit. Ms. Chen's sister-in-law reported that in the morning, she had taken some clothes to Ms. Chen who was handcuffed to a heater pipe. Ms. Chen was barefooted and not dressed properly for the cool weather, and was generally unkempt.

Ms. Chen's son and daughter went to the prison to visit their mother on May 7, 2009 but the prison guards would not let them see her because she refuses to recite the prison regulations.