(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner has made a deep impression on me. She is very righteous, diligent and treats hardship as joy. She has a busy schedule and sometimes skips meals. Living on a monthly income of 300 yuan, she does not even have money for bus fare. Yet she still contributes money to the Dafa informational materials center. She is a straightforward person and never talks about other people behind their backs. When she notices a problem in me, she is honest and tells me as it is. Her motivation is very pure: it's only to help others to improve. After spending time with her, my cultivation level improved noticeably. I feel that mutual help between practitioners is very important. Once we form a righteous energy field, the evil has no place to hide.

A coordinator asked me if she could rent a room in my home for a materials center. I agreed without hesitation. I also invited another female practitioner to stay at my house. She was recently released from the Harbin Women's Prison. When she noticed the shortage of Dafa materials in our area, she went to another city to learn computer techniques. Later, she returned with a notebook computer and a printer. As such, our materials center got a head start. Later, another male practitioner with computer skills joined us. With minimal skills myself, I helped them do various chores. After a short time, the woman practitioner became independent, so the male practitioner left. Our materials center could produce "Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party", and Zhuan Falun.

With the advance of Fa rectification, practitioners in our area started several more family based material centers, and the material shortage was alleviated. The practitioner at my home later found a housekeeping job that paid a 300 yuan monthly income. Her work hours were from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. After work, we worked on producing informational materials. Every week, we made 800 brochures and 800 flyers. In addition, we also produced several boxes of the Nine Commentaries, depending on demand and several copies of the Minghui Weekly. Often we worked until 3 a.m. until we were able to finish and thus go to sleep. We were up at 6 a.m. to send forth righteous thought and we studied the Fa until 8 a.m. when she needed to go to work.

One evening I had a conflict with her. I had a notion that I was helping her do work and had some resentment for her effort. I told her, "I am not going to keep you company until 3 a.m., I will go to bed after we send forth righteous thought at midnight. I am the boss tonight." She smiled a little without saying a word. I was not too happy about that and went on nagging, "Who else works like us? We make the materials, transport and distribute them. Some practitioners don't even appreciate our efforts. They asked me to tell you that they are under a lot of pressure to distribute the materials to people, especially in the winter. Can you not make so much and give them a break?" She kept her silence and continued working. The next day after work, she did not return home. She spent the evening conducting an investigation with other practitioners. When she returned later at night with snow on her head and shoulders, I felt terrible. How selfish was I? She did not even have dinner yet and she only ate some cold potato. I later learned that the practitioners who distributed the materials always took the amount they needed. No one forced anyone to do more than they could handle.

She worked hard on validating Dafa and never complained. I took a look at myself and found many issues. I did not have a good understanding about some basic Dafa principles, and thought that running the materials center work was cultivation. I also found attachments of seeking comfort.

Master told us,

"If during the evil's persecution a Dafa disciple doesn't do well or slacks off, it's very possible all his previous efforts will have been for nothing." ("Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples", Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I found a selfish heart in me. I have to position myself on the right foundation, and know whatever I do is my responsibility. From that time on, I came to understand and support her more. Fellow practitioners' diligent cultivation also motivates me to do better.

One day in the early afternoon, the head of the local police branch, a political director, a regional police officer and a general office chief came to my house. I asked Master to strengthen me. I thought: This is Dafa's material center, a place to save sentient beings. These people are not allowed to see anything. They looked at an old telephone wire I used to hang clothes. "What's this?" the police head asked. "It's a laundry drying line." I knew they were looking for a high speed internet cable but the practitioner took precautions when the wire was installed so it was hidden. Pointing at the practitioner's room, he asked, "What does this family do?" I replied, "I don't know." "What is their family name?" he asked. I replied, "I don't know either." Unconvinced, he asked, "You leased your room to them without knowing their name?" I answered, "I allow them to, as long as they pay their rent." The local police officer said, "Someone reported that you hid flammable substance in your house." I exclaimed, "Nonsense! This family is in the home improvement business. There are no such flammable substances." "Can you open the door?" he asked. "I don't have the key," I answered. He asked, "When do they return?" I said, "I have no idea." Finally they left without any information. Now that I recall the event, I realized that I had no fear and everything happened naturally. The evil forces could not take advantage of any gaps. At the time, the fellow practitioner and another practitioner from out of town were making Dafa materials in the room.

Later, for safety concerns, we moved the materials center from my home. After that, the district police officer came back only to see an empty room. He asked why they moved. I told him the lease expired. I realized that the dangerous situation was a good cultivation opportunity for my xinxing. Once our minds are righteous, the evil cannot cause any damage.