(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Bauer, a Korean musician, left work early and drove a long distance to make sure that she saw Shen Yun Performing Arts before the Spring Tour 2009 left the West Coast. She joined the enthusiastic crowd at the California Center for the Performing Arts on May 28.

Ms. Bauer, a Korean musician and Ms. Chau

Ms. Bauer "is an expert musician, she is a classical pianist," according to her friend Ms. Chau, who teaches accounting and computer science at a university.

Ms. Bauer said, "When I was visiting China, it was very difficult--I actually went over there to look at something like this. I couldn't find any. I went over there to look for traditional [performances], so I am very surprised I can see it in America."

Ms. Bauer happily shared that her long drive "was worth it! I enjoyed it." She felt a natural connection to the dances presented on stage, which represent some of China's many ethnic groups.

Mongolian Chopsticks is one of the many joyful dances, and Ms. Bauer felt an instant connection, "They were showing all different parts of China. I understand we ... Koreans came from Mongolians. Our ancestors were like Mongolian. So that was interesting. I liked it all."

Ms. Bauer appreciated the performance of drums, saying, "The drum playing is excellent. Very invigorating, especially to Americans. It is unusual, and I think they all love it."

She said she "would like to get the music if they had sold it. I'd like to have the Chinese traditional music, where the ladies dance ... there is a nice [erhu] with 2 strings. I would love to have some of that music." She also felt that she understood the meaning of the vocal solos, "The opera, the music, I know what they are trying to say."

TV Producer and Show Host Impressed By Shen Yun

Mr. W., producer and TV host, and his wife, who works for a health care organization, saw Shen Yun Performing Arts at the California Center for the Performing Arts.

Mr. W., producer and host of a television show, and his wife

Mr. W. said, "I love the intricacies of Chinese dancing and the history, but I'm more impressed with the discipline that it takes to perform. For example, the way they held their poses for up to nine seconds was pretty amazing. That's impressive! It sounds like they [Shen Yun artists] are ostracized for doing this in their homeland, China. ... They couldn't do this inside China, so this is kind of an important venue for them."

Mrs. W. enjoyed seeing traditional Chinese culture presented by Shen Yun artists, "I just loved it. I loved the music, the dancing. I have always been fascinated by the costumes, everything. It's fascinating. It makes me understand the culture a little bit more. Watching this, I think there's so much that we as Americans do not know about Chinese culture, and this has been really wonderful tonight."

"It's amazing! Incredible!"

Ms. Luck, who works for a television station as the director of human resources, said, "I love it! The costumes are amazing. The performances are exquisite. And it's just been a great evening so far. I love the dances. I grew up dancing, so I love all the moves," she said.

"But I will say you guys are amazing. The art that you bring here this evening is incredible, and keep up the great work, you're doing a great job. It's amazing."

She loved the backdrops: "The coming in and coming out of the performances !Pop! It's amazing! It's incredible."

Music Teacher: "Spectacular! I'd Love To See It Again"

Mr. Peralta, music teacher, pianist and singer, loved the show. "It's very beautiful. It's very impressive. I like all the music, compositions, and especially all the choreography."

"The dancers are spectacular. I really enjoyed the show. I'd love to see it again," Mr. Peralta added.

Of the two-stringed instrument, the erhu, Mr. Peralta said, it has "a very beautiful sound. ... I really love the sound." Referring to virtuoso Mei Xuan's performance he said, "I think the artist from tonight's how is amazing. She's very talented." He added, "The orchestra sounds super beautiful. The arrangement of the instruments and all the different instruments from the other parts of the world sound very beautiful with different medleys from China."

Because of his background in singing and music he was highly impressed by the singers. "Both of them were amazing. The tenor has a very beautiful voice. It's a very expressive voice. I love his tone of voice. And also the soprano was amazing. I love her tessitura, her tambour, [and] her expressiveness. Her voice was very beautiful. Very nicely done," he said.

Mr. Peralta enjoyed "Mongolian Chopsticks" saying that he "thought it was very impressive. I also like the girls with their fans. ["Welcoming Spring"] The flower fans they were using were amazing. The colors were very brilliant. And I love the last number before intermission. The drummers were really amazing too," he said.

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