(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner in a village. Looking back at my cultivation path, it was filled with Teacher's protection and also help from fellow practitioners. I will turn Teacher's caring into a source of strength for my cultivation practice and do the three things well.

My husband went to jail for murder. Before his imprisonment, he stole and spent everything of any value and ran up debts. At that time, my two children were still young and I didn't have a job. As if my life was over, tears dampened my cheeks all day long. It was winter, frigid outside, and snowing hard. I had no money to buy any fuel to keep us warm. A fellow practitioner (I'll call him 'A'), gave me 300 yuan to buy coal for the winter weather and told me to study the Fa more. He shared his understandings of the Fa with me, which helped me to untie the knots in my mind. In the end, I was able to survive the most difficult time of my life.

Once I had an illness tribulation. I could not eat for three days, nor could I study the Fa. Many attachments emerged. I thought my life was too hard. At this time, thanks to Teacher's merciful arrangements, 'A' awakened me. He suggested I open a small business to provide and care for my family. He also gave me money to purchase some goods. I did not know if I would be able to handle it. Later, I tried to pay him back, but he refused to take it. I said, "I have money now. Had it not been for your help, I would not be able to have this." He said, "It's not me. Everything is done by Teacher. I'm happy to see your improvements in the Fa." I spent the money to make truth-clarification materials. I am often moved to tears when I recall these memories. Thank you, Teacher, and thanks also to my fellow practitioners for helping me build righteous thoughts and confidence in my cultivation.

After sharing experiences and discussing issues with practitioner 'A', my attachment to fear was eliminated. When the human notions in my own dimension became less and less, I made more truth-clarification materials. Once, my sister visited me and stayed for a night. This visit also coincided with a practitioner's arrest. I wanted to help get the practitioner released, so I told my sister to stay home and send righteous thoughts. But she wanted to go with me. We posted up truth-clarification materials as we went to the police station. After we got there, I asked my sister to send righteous thoughts. I put up the materials by myself. The police station is located at the corner of a main street with heavy traffic. I calmly and carefully attached the posters to the wall. My sister saw me busying myself this way, so she came to help me. After posting all the materials, she said, "You are so bold. At the beginning, I felt a little scared. In fact, there's nothing to be worried about." Seeing the poster with "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Good!" in the headlight, my sister sighed, "That's great!" For the past several years, I have never missed posting truth clarification materials at the police station My sister witnessed the power of Dafa through this event and had solid righteous thoughts.

Since Teacher mentioned using money as a tool for clarifying the truth, I have printed and written truth clarification messages on every single bill that I have used. At the beginning, I wrote the messages. Later on, I asked practitioners to help print the messages on the money. When I pick up goods, I usually spend more than a thousand yuan and all the bills have truth clarification messages written on them. The supplier has never refused to take these bills, due to my righteous thoughts. He has even asked me to change more money. Some people often come into my store and change hundred yuan bills into one yuan bills with truth clarification messages. They said using these bills bring them good business. I am so happy for those people.

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