(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liu Yujian, a practitioner in Beijing, was taken to Gaoyang Forced Camp in Hebei Province on February 28, 2009. After a month of torture, all his bodily functions started to fail. His family was notified by the forced labor camp to take him to his hometown in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

As a result of the violence used to force-feed him, both Mr. Liu's upper and lower teeth were loosened. The inside of his mouth was cut, and his throat, esophagus, and nasal cavity festered with infection. He suffered a great deal each time he was force-fed and fainted several times. Mr. Liu had been on a hunger strike for over a month in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp and the camp hospital force-fed him several times. A doctor once tried seven times to insert the feeding tube into him, but all his attempts failed. Seeing Mr. Liu's face all covered with blood, the doctor refused to continue.

After several sessions of force-feeding, Mr. Liu became extremely weak and could not withstand any more stress or trauma. The labor camp had to give him intravenous injections for sixteen consecutive days.

During the month that Mr. Liu was on hunger strike, the camp lied to his family to get them to convince Mr. Liu to give up his hunger strike. Meanwhile, they ignored the family's questions and criticisms. The labor camp staff, whether directly involved in the persecution or not, collaborated to intimidate his family. Some of them threatened them by saying things like "We broke Liu's leg" or "We are paid the same whether Liu lives or dies." Some professed that they had no choice about following orders, saying "We were compelled to work overtime to persecute Liu."

As Mr. Liu got weaker and weaker, making it difficult for him to sit or sleep, camp director Li Xujun (whose evil deeds have been recounted on the Clearwisdom website many times) and another officer emptied a house and locked Mr. Liu in it for three days. They threatened him to try to force him to give up his belief and stop the hunger strike. In the end, Li lost his patience and hit him on the head. Later Mr. Liu solemnly talked to Li and got him to stop the so called "education reinforcement."

After more than a month of torture, all of Mr. Liu's bodily functions started to fail. He could not even swallow water and would vomit as soon as he tried. Recently, after the camp medical center gave him a full physical, they called his family in and told them to take him back to his hometown in Xinjiang Province. When the family asked for details of the exam, medical center personnel only said that it was not so good and that he should be taken home to rest. Mr. Liu was driven home in a police car. The camp driver's swerving on the rough road caused the IV needle in Mr. Liu's arm to fall out.

Mr. Liu is now home in Xinjinag Province. The condition of his health is uncertain. During the four months that Mr. Liu was detained, people from all around the world gave him support and extended their concern for his case.

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