(Clearwisdom.net) I started my Dafa cultivation in 1995, and since then I have seen that Master has done so much for us. We should be ashamed if we are not serious about our cultivation.

Have faith in Master and the Fa

Whether we pay more attention to our daily work or our cultivation is a test of our faith in Master and the Fa. I work on a farm, which is labor intensive. During the harvest season, I have to work for more than ten hours a day. Unless emphasis is put on cultivation, it would be difficult to make any progress. Every member of my family practices Dafa, and we put cultivation as our top priority. We also clarify the truth about Dafa and send forth righteous thoughts. The local people have seen the changes in us and believe that Falun Dafa is good. As a result, almost all of them have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party's affiliated organizations.

As practitioners we must be good people no matter where we are, and we must act in accordance with the Fa, as the people around us will judge us by our behavior. Most people in my village have received little education, and unfortunately, some like to take advantage of others. At first I thought I should point this out to them. However, we would usually end up in a heated debate. Now I understand that arguments are the actions of ordinary people. A true practitioner should let go of the desire to argue, as I have realized that a conflict is just an opportunity for me to improve my character. I should be thankful for the opportunity.

In the village there are many opportunities to help others, so I apply the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to these situations. Over the years there are people who thought I was a good person as well as those who thought I was foolish for not protecting my self interests. However, when the persecution started, they were able to stand up and say "Falun Dafa is good." I think this is what matters, because they will be saved.

During the period of Fa-rectification, the righteous actions of Dafa practitioners is most important, because it serves to validate the Fa, protect the Fa, clarify the facts, and exposes the evil during the persecution.

Assimilate to the Fa by saving sentient beings

After the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Fa-rectification has moved into a new phase, where advising people to quit the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) affiliated organizations has become a top priority, more important than self-cultivation.

We must clarify the truth about Dafa by talking to people directly. Many people who live on a farm cannot read due to a lack of education, and they have been misled by the CCP. When you speak to someone face-to-face, you can adapt your conversation according to their particular situation. Over the years I have met people from many different walks of life. By talking to these people about Dafa, I have removed a lot of fear and self-doubt in myself, have grown in understanding and wisdom, and have brought peace and harmony to people's lives. I believe people truly recognize the extraordinary nature of Dafa and its greatness.

Every time I talk to people about Dafa, it is a test of whether I am acting as a practitioner or as an ordinary person. When there is a wedding, most people will send gifts. However, I view it as an opportunity to advise people to quit the CCP and save themselves. Usually there are at least a few people that will withdraw at such gatherings. If I do not attend, who knows whether I shall have another opportunity to meet these people?

My discussions with people about quitting the CCP vary greatly. Some people want to withdraw only after a short discussion, some have needed a more in-depth discussion, and some have refused to withdraw and wanted to report me to the authorities. In cases where there were difficulties, I would send forth righteous thoughts to remove the evil spirits behind them. My intention was to save them, and therefore I had no fear. I know Master will help me, as long as I stay on a righteous path. Indeed, I have not encountered any danger in my attempts to save people. I have always held the thought of letting Dafa save those people with predestined relationships from the evil party.

I have gradually understood why I need to go out and clarify the truth to people. This is part of the process in reaching consummation. It is during this process that selfishness, attachments, and human concepts are removed. One cannot make progress with the aim of benefiting oneself, because a selfish individual does not belong in the new cosmos. The smoothest path for a cultivator to take is to just follow whatever Master has arranged.

After many years of clarifying the truth, most of the locals are now aware of the truth, and lots of them have withdrawn from the party. During the Olympics and Communist Party gatherings, I have continued to clarify the truth to people and have not encountered any problems.

I believe that as Dafa practitioners we should openly tell people how great the Fa is. The determination of practitioners and their righteousness should scare the evil spirits and cause their self-destruction. It is the greatest honor to have the opportunity to save sentient beings during this very special Fa-rectification period. At first I hoped for an early end to the persecution, because I did not like the pressure. Now I wish for the persecution to end because I believe that those who were unfairly persecuted, forced to labor and to act against their free will, should have a just and peaceful environment to exercise their choice to take a righteous path in their lives.

At this critical time, let us remove our last attachments. Let us use the divine powers we have learned from Master to clear out the evil, save all those with predestined relationships, and fulfill the oaths we took. We are assisting Master in saving sentient beings during this Fa-rectification period. What is most important is not to end the persecution, but to do what Master requires of us.