The magpies who wanted to help

A Dafa practitioner in our area frequently goes to the woods near a detention center where Dafa practitioners are imprisoned and sends forth righteous thoughts. The magpies there got to know her very well over time and often chirp around her. One day, she was quietly sending forth righteous thoughts in the middle of the deep snow. The magpies were also quietly perched on the tree branches. Suddenly, a dog jumped out of nowhere and ran straight towards the practitioner. She was startled and did not quite know how to react, when three magpies swooped down to prevent the dog from coming near. One of the magpies was flying in front of the dog leading him to charge forward and the other two were fluttering their wings behind the dog to prod him along. In this way, the dog was chased away by the three magpies.

Dissolving the police's forced labor scheme with righteous thoughts

An elderly Dafa practitioner in Northern Hebei was being arrested and her home ransacked. The old woman sent forth a thought and asked for help from Master. She was determined not to recognize the evil's persecution and not to cooperate with the illegal arrest.

When a policeman took away her Dafa books and Master's picture, the old woman snatched them back, saying, "You are not allowed to take away my Master's picture and books." So the policeman gave up. The police took the practitioner to the Police Station, the Police Department and then to the Detention Center. She thought to herself: they should not be allowed to commit sins. She kindly clarified the truth to them. She was asked to submit money, but she refused and told them, "I did not want to come here, you should ask for money from whoever brought me here." They had to take her blood pressure and the results showed the systolic pressure of 240, so the police had to send her home.

After the elderly woman returned home, she visited the police station several times and clarified the truth to the policemen who arrested her. She advised them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers (known as the "three withdrawals"). Most people understood the truth, but the officers still sent the practitioner to two years of forced labor. The old woman asked Master for help: "The labor camp is not a place for Dafa disciples and I cannot go there. I still have many people to save." Upon arriving at the labor camp, her blood pressure results again showed systolic pressure of 260. In less than twenty minutes, with Master's help, the practitioner went home. The police subsequently asked her to sign the paperwork for forced labor, but she refused. That would have been an additional sin for them. The police did not say anything more.

Through the compassionate truth clarification work of Dafa disciples, most of the policemen already know the truth and have done the "three withdrawals."

Settling a concern

Dafu was a head of the community at the time of July 20. At that time, I was the target of the CCP's persecution. I was harassed by the Police Department, the Political and Judiciary Committee, the Neighborhood Office and the media. I had this one thought at the time: Master is the highest and Dafa is the most righteous. Dafu shielded me from the media and told them that I was not to meet with the media. Later, she shielded me from anyone who came to persecute me. She signed all the necessary paperwork. Of course this was due to Master's protection. My own thoughts were also very righteous. However, as an everyday person, she protected a Dafa disciple in such an evil atmosphere, and in doing so, chose a glorious future for herself.

When the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published and the quitting the CCP campaign started, Dafu had already retired. I did not know where she moved to, but I kept thinking that I must save her.

Master saw my thoughts. One day we came across each other on the street. She happily withdrew from all the CCP organizations. I gave her the name "Dafu" (Big Fortune). This concern of mine is now settled.