(Clearwisdom.net) During the sharing at last week's small group study, a practitioner raised the following issue. While distributing truth clarification materials and DVDs face to face and trying to persuade people to quit the CCP in residential areas, we often encounter people who will not listen to the truth no matter how hard we try. Furthermore, their faces get darker and darker. What should we do in such circumstances? Practitioner A said, "Send forth righteous thoughts, eliminate the evil." Practitioner B said, "See what has blocked him and slowly open up his heart." Practitioner C said, "From the look on his face, it is a signal of danger. This person must be controlled by the evil. What he is going to do next is very obvious. I think we should leave immediately."

As for me, I also agreed with practitioner C. Several practitioners were arrested just because they continued truth-clarification and didn't leave in time. It is truly a lesson! Just while I silently agreed, practitioner D suddenly said, "In my opinion, his face change is a signal that he is being controlled by the evil. How should we face it, escape or save him? This is a very important question. Shall we stop saving him just for our own safety concern? Shall we not leave him the compassion and just leave him regret?"

Master has said in Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference,

"In other words, think about why so many high-level beings dared to take such a perilous risk and come to the Three Realms. They are gods, so how could we not save them? Didn't they come to obtain the Fa? If you look at it from another perspective, wasn't their bravery in coming here a way of validating the Fa-rectification and placing their hope in the Fa-rectification? That's why I have said that we cannot leave them behind, and that we must save them and think of ways to save them! Even though they may be confused at the moment, or they may have lost their capacity to recognize truth or reality, owing to their concepts being warped by the Party culture over time, we still have to find ways to save them."

Therefore, we have no excuses to give up on a life out of concerns for our own safety. How can we save him? Compassion is the answer! We should have compassion in our heart when we clarify the truth to others. Our hearts have to be pure. The knowing side of an everyday person can feel your compassion. The evil will escape quickly seeing compassion; bad notions will be disintegrated by compassion. Clarifying the truth will be smooth when you have compassion.

One time, I met a village security director when I went out to clarify the truth. I told him the truth and tried to persuade him to quit the CCP. He suddenly raised his voice, "Do you know what I do? My job is to catch you guys." He took out his cell phone while he was talking. At that time, tears came out of my eyes. I was thinking, "What a pity it is that such a young and beautiful life could be fooled so much by the CCP!" I continued, "What I have told you is all the truth. Everything is for you to have a good future!" He saw that I was not scared and didn't intend to leave. He also saw tears in my eyes, sincerity in my heart and truth in my words. He suddenly said, "Okay, my big sister, I think you are a good person. You are so kind, and try to benefit me. I will listen to you, I quit." At that time, I saw tears in his eyes also. He was melted by compassion.

Compassion increases naturally through cultivation. It is not something that you can have wishfully. During the process of cultivation, as all kinds of attachments are eliminated, selfishness is replaced by altruism, and compassion gets stronger. Master said in Hong Yin II ("Washing Away"), "Who knows how many compassion rescues and saves".

From my personal level, I enlightened that the poem showed the great compassion that Master has for sentient beings. In addition, saving sentient beings is also dependent upon the great compassion of Dafa disciples. Master's teaching also has other profound meanings. I also heard some practitioners say, "I will wait until I have compassion before I go out to clarify the truth face to face". We can't wait for compassion to grow. Compassion grows from continuous face to face truth clarification as we get rid of all kinds of attachments, such as being afraid, being happy, wanting to fight, and doing things.