(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2008, the police from Longshui Road Police Station in Laixi City took away practitioner Ms. Pan Chenhong. She was sent to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province. In less than four months, she became mentally disabled due to torture she suffered there.

39-year-old Ms. Pan Chenhong lived at Baile Er Yuan at Laixi City. On the morning of November 27, 2008, she and Sun Lin were distributing truth clarification materials at Zhougezhuang, and were caught by the police. Ms. Pan was detained at Laixi Detention Center for 15 days and then sent to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for one year of forced labor.

At the Labor Camp, Ms. Pan suffered severe mental and physical persecution. In less than four months, the labor camp tortured the originally healthy woman to the point that she became mentally disabled. The labor camp feared being held responsible and told her family to pick her up. Moreover, the labor camp extorted 2,000 yuan from her family to pay for the medical treatment she received at the labor camp.

Pan Chenhong is now emaciated, her eyes are sunken, her complexion is pale and her voice is weak. Her spirit is unstable, she has delusions, and she is too weak to walk. Upon seeing an acquaintance, she always cries without saying a word. Sometimes at home she cries out and screams, sometimes she tries to go out without wearing clothes.

Seeing Ms. Pan in such a state due to the torture, her parents are in deep agony. Ms. Pan's husband had to borrow money to send her to a mental hospital.